Luann de Lesseps

Luann de Lesseps Doesn’t Want You To Judge Tinsley Mortimer Based On Her Arrest

Unfortunately for Luann de Lesseps, Season 9 of Real Housewives of New York has continued with the Tom D’Agostino bashing from last season. And I’m sure the former countess is not done publicly defending her relationship. Thankfully new housewife Tinsley Mortimer arrived during the last episode and hopefully (for Luann’s sake) she will give the fandom something else to talk about.

Sure, it is going to take a lot for anything Tinsley says or does to supersede Tom as a hot topic of conversation, but a lot of viewers are curious to learn more about her. Even though Tinsley is new to the show she’s actually known Luann and Sonja Morgan for years, so it does make sense that she is a part of the cast now.


Weirdly enough, Luann didn’t mention Tom or her wedding once in her last blog, but she did have nice things to say about Tinsley and Sonja’s party.

Luann revealed, “I’ve known Tinsley for many years, and I can assure you there’s more to her than an arrest record! I believe in second and third acts, and I wish Tinsley all the best as she settles back into New York social life.”

Everybody loves a comeback story, and so far, I love how candid Tinsley is. Hopefully she isn’t judged unfairly and she ends up being a solid edition to the cast.

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Aside from my confusion over Ramona Singer’s freak out when she found out Bethenny Frankel got two dogs and didn’t tell her, the other thing I didn’t get about the second episode of the season was why all the women wore black to a party that requested colorful ensembles on the invitation. Why is it so tough to come through on that one?

Luann agreed, “When I accepted Sonja’s invitation to her Mad Hatter tea party to introduce Tinsley to the girls, the invite said ‘colorful dress.’ What did some of the girls not understand about colorful? Is black the new floral?”

The former countess continued, “I’ve always said that a great guest makes every effort to participate in whatever the hostess has planned, and in this case, vintage Ralph Lauren was the way to go.” I agree. Plus themes make events more fun- at least in my opinion.

Luann ended with, “Until next week, don’t be afraid to show your true colors!”


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