Luann de Lesseps

If I were Luann de Lesseps, I would be a (little bit) pumped that Sonja Morgan is feuding with Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer is getting on Bethenny Frankel’s nerves. I’m not the kind of person who wants to see friends fighting, but all of this other drama is the perfect way to distract everyone from talking about Luann and Tom D’Agostino. So, for that reason, I would be loving this calamity if I were Luann. Or at the very least, she is happy for a reprieve.

Plus, Luann ends up looking calm, cool, and collected in contrast with all of the screaming the other ladies have been doing. And in all honesty, I am so happy that there is discussion about something that has nothing to do with Tom. I am so done with everyone trashing Tom. I get why they hate on him, but it’s played out at this point unless he gets into more trouble and there’s something new to rip on him for.


The lack of Tom talk made that last episode relatively stress-free for Luann, so her Bravo blog was all about the other ladies and their issues.

My favorite thing about Luann is that she actually makes valid points but she is the biggest hypocrite when it comes to almost everything that she declares. Case in point: “I’m too busy planning my wedding and enjoying life with Tom to become mired in Sonja’s angst or Bethenny’s self-centeredness.”

Luann points out how self-involved Sonja and Bethenny are in the same sentence that she talks about being wrapped up in her own wedding. She did the same thing in the episode when she lamented that it’s all about Bethenny and complained that she didn’t ask about her wedding planning. I cannot help laughing at that juxtaposition there and it’s exactly why I love watching Luann on this show.

Luann got into the soft porn drama: “Ramona’s timing was definitely off when she asked Bethenny if her 6-year-old daughter knows about her foray into soft porn. Ramona’s never been known as a subtle person, and while she says her intentions were good, I don’t think this was the time or place to express her concerns.” The conversation Ramona had at lunch with Dorinda and Luann after the blow up with Bethenny was framed very differently than the way she came for Bethenny at the dinner. Ramona didn’t actually convey any concerns to Bethenny. It really seemed like she was trying to embarrass her in a group setting and in front of the cameras.

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And then Luann brought the conversation back to Luann: “As for Bethenny, she doesn’t care about me at all and whenever one of us calls her out for being self-centered and mean, she runs away rather than staying to work it out. In the Berkshires last year, she called me all sorts of nasty things, but I didn’t run away! I stayed and defended myself.” Luann’s not wrong though. Bethenny just runs away and resurfaces whenever she feels like it. Most likely for the opportunity to hold up Skinnygirl products in the middle of an emotional scene – like when she cried into a Skinnygirl bottle while she showed Luann the photo of Tom at the Regency.

Luann recalled, “We are going to a party at Ramona’s where Dorinda’s planning to confront Sonja about the rumors Sonja’s been spreading. You’d think if Sonja wanted to preserve our friendship she would speak positively about Dorinda and me.” I have always obsessed over Sonja, but what the hell is she doing? She longs to be friends with Luann, yet she won’t stop talking about her sexual relationship with Tom and shitting on the relationship in very public forums.  Why did she think she was going to be invited to that wedding? She wants to just get along with Dorinda at these filmed dinner parties, yet she constantly has her name in her mouth during interviews. What is she thinking? Is she even thinking?

The former countess explained, “Dorinda’s drinking Coke, so we can assume she means business.” Yes, she does. Dorinda always means business. Sonja is in way over her head.

Luann teased, “It’s fall, but there’s sure to be fireworks! To be continued…” I am so ready for that.


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