Ashley Darby Insists She Doesn’t Stir The Pot During Watch What Happens Live Appearance

There’s no word yet if Real Housewives of Potomac will be around for a third season, but Ashley Darby is doing whatever she can to make sure that she’s a part of the cast if the show does return. She has no trouble putting Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Robyn Dixon’s complicated relationships on blast.

That’s why Andy Cohen had no choice but to poll the Watch What Happens Live viewers last night to ask “Is Ashley stirring the pot or is she being a concerned friend?” It didn’t really seem like she was “concerned” when she pushed Charrisse to introduce her to Eddie Jordan at their daughter’s sweet sixteen even though they weren’t on speaking terms. It also didn’t come across as “concern” when Ashley brought up Eddie’s presence at the party during a group hang at the hookah bar, but Ashley has a different view on her behavior.


Ashley told Andy, “These women love to talk about themselves all the time, so why can’t I have my questions? If you’re going to be someone who’s always like ‘my husband this, my husband that,’  why can’t I ask the question? It’s literally like Big Foot and I spotted him in the Himalayas.”

A viewer asked, “Do you shade the other ladies’ marriages to hide the flaws in yours?” Ashley said, “Well everyone knows that marriage is not perfect” and I thought she was going to leave it at that politically correct and pleasant answer, but that was far from the case. She went on,  “One of the things I will say is that I’m learning along the way, but at the same time if I were in a relationship that was going on for twenty years and it wasn’t happy and I would not be with someone for five years if I wasn’t sleeping in the same bed.”

Obviously she was throwing shade at Charrisse and Robyn with that one. And of course the camera panned to Ashley’s husband Michael Darby nodding in the audience in agreement- obviously a “we are still together” confirmation that happened multiple times throughout the episode.

Ashley was asked about the possibility of having a baby soon and she said, “Michael and I are still practicing, but the restaurant is the first baby. So once that actually gets on it’s feet, we are going to wait for a little bit. The pull out method does work. I will say.”

I have no idea why anyone would ask this, but Ashley was asked if she talked to Eddie? Now that would be the ultimate shit stirrer move if she did. Thankfully Ashley said, “I have never talked to Eddie,” and then she got a little shady again and declared, “I’m not allowed to go within like ten feet of him.”

Andy read a tweet from Charrisse with a message for Ashley: “Have a couple of kids before you judge my life.” And Ashley clapped right back with “I’m only twenty eight. Thank you.” This one didn’t make the episode, but Charrisse tweeted another response at Andy and Ashley that said, “Focus on your marriage truths. You know nothing about mine.” If that’s what Charrisse is tweeting at Ashley publicly, I would love to see what she’s sending to her privately. You know she’s blowing up her phone with messages.

A viewer asked Ashley is she thought Robyn and Juan [Dixon] will remarry and she answered, “No, I don’t foresee that. I actually don’t want them to. I think that they had their time and now it’s time to move on.” And I’m sure Robyn is blowing up Ashley’s phone as well.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram/Ashley Darby]