This Real Housewives of New York season has been a tough one for me to watch. All of the nastiness between my two favorites Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley made me  uncomfortable. These are the two funniest ladies on the show. It has been killing me to see them talking shit about each other and arguing in the previews for upcoming episodes.

Thankfully there is some light at the end of the tunnel: these two are on speaking terms again and are back to getting along well. They actually did a joint interview together. Even if this season continues to be rough between them, I have some hope. Yet, at the same time, I’m hoping that some footage doesn’t air to reignite their feud. Typically, I don’t mind the Real Housewives drama, but these are two people that I want to see getting along. I need them bringing the comic relief and the meme-worthy quotes.


I’m still not over the fact that Sonja and Dorinda were sitting on the same couch and getting along for their Facebook Live interview with Entertainment Tonight. After I got over that initial shock, I was ready to see what they had to say and I just wish I could binge watch the whole season right now to know what happens. I am that into it.

At the start of the interview, the two funniest Housewives (at least in my opinion) addressed the elephant in the room: their onscreen (and occasionally off screen) feud. Sonja said, “I’m so glad about where we are now” and Dorinda revealed that Season 9 “ended on a very positive note.” Sonja even admitted, “I didn’t ever want to see you again. You texted me ‘Come to the Berkshires. and I was like What?'”

Still Sonja warned, “The viewers are going to go through some pain though with us. It was hard. It was tough.”

Dorinda declared, “It was necessary” and explained “We had to go through it in order to get past it.” Yikes, but at least this season should be interesting. Sonja added, “We’re better people for it.”

Dorinda and Sonja were asked if they thought “Bethenny [Frankel] is too obsessed with herself? Luann [de Lesseps] seems to” and they both immediately said “No.” Dorinda elaborated, “I think Bethenny has a very, very, intense life and doesn’t have a lot of room for foolishness. She’s all about keeping it real and moving it forward. Who cares? Bethenny is her most honest candidate. She is the most honest about herself. She doesn’t need people to tell her about herself.”  Sonja agreed and said, “She has a bull shit monitor built in. When you’re bull shitting her, she knows.” Dorinda explained, “It just doesn’t work because she’s the first one to call bull shit on herself.”

Sonja revealed that new girl Tinsley Mortimer becomes closest to Carole Radziwill which seems kind of random to me since I always forget that Carole is a full-time cast member on this show. When asked who Tinsley gets along with best on the show, Sonja said, “Carole and her funny enough. Carole was feeling like she was in the shadow of Bethenny.” Which is one hundred percent accurate. If it wasn’t for people hating on Carole for her allegiance to Bethenny last year, she would have had zero story line- even though that doesn’t actually count as a story line.

One best friendships that I still miss is Ramonja. I loved when Sonja and Ramona Singer were turning up and supporting each other unconditionally. It killed me to watch Ramona throw her under the bus- repeatedly. Sonja recalled, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do with Ramona because I did not talk to her all summer. She was saying all these terrible things about me last year. She can’t be seen with me because she’s dating? I’ve been embarrassed by her for thirty years.”

Another relationship that I miss is Sonja’s interaction with her inexplicable army of interns. I never really understood how an accredited university was on board with this scenario, but I was always entertained by it. Sonja explained, “I really enjoyed my experiences with the interns. It as very gratifying. I needed them and they needed me. Once I was after the Chapter 11 reorganization I had the bank accounts back- I can’t. It’s a lot of work. It’s exhausting to be side by side with a student all day. You have to check their work and critique.”

For the record, it was also mentioned that Sonja now has an assistant who hasn’t appeared on camera and I assume this person is paid. Or at least I hope so. Then again, I would be in Sonja Morgan’s presence for free so I’m really the wrong person to comment on this.

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