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Kyle Richards Defends Kim Richards Over Bunnygate; RHOBH Gave Her Anxiety

After seven seasons of watching Kyle Richards on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills you would think we would know it all but au contraire. The saner half of the Richards sisters opens up about the the cost of reality TV and claims the show has caused her to need psych meds (do not tell Dorit Kemsley) and therapy. Yet Kyle still can’t wrench herself away…

Kyle was driven to the brink and forced to turn to smoothies to soothe her mind. Kidding! Actually, she confesses, “I did go to therapy after season one and the therapist put me on Lexapro because I was having panic attacks after the limo thing with my sister.”


“It was too much,” Kyle explains. “And I’m a very emotional person. So it was really, really hard.” So, RHOBH is toxic to your mental health, as Lisa Rinna is on Xanax (or should be) and Brandi Glanville turned to Lexapro.

Kyle shares on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro that dealing with the drama is “really, really challenging, way more so than, you know, acting or remembering lines for me – one hundred percent. It’s very emotional and you carry it with you and it’s very anxiety provoking. ”

Kyle just wrapped another season focused on Kim Richards‘ sobriety, which involved a poor innocent stuffed bunny. Kyle defends Kim’s decision to return Blue Bunny to Lisa Rinna. Cause Kyle is not an enabler, y’all! And Kim really, truly is a superstitious person!

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Kim “did not feel it was sincere from Lisa Rinna. It was on camera, she felt like it was like trying to look like she was, you know, trying to make amends,” says Kyle, “but it wasn’t authentic is what Kim felt, so she didn’t want to give her grandson this bunny that she felt like had a bad… juju… so she brought it back at the reunion.”

Kyle claims she had no idea Kim brought the bunny, which is why she shut down. “I plug my ears when she pulled out the bunny – it’s so funny, I go like this and I plugged my ears, but it was first ‘Oh my God like Kim has balls.’ She does. And I knew that she meant what she was saying and I was like ‘Oh my gosh.'” Kim has balls – that’s one way of describing it.

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Kyle is surprised that Lipsa was upset over Kyle’s comments about her lips, because Rinna is a hypocrite, “I’m like you joke about your lips all day long, you know you have all these emojis with the big lips and the zipper with the lip, I’m like, I mean…sorry!”

She also reveals that Camille Grammer misses the show and wants to come back (Yes, please do! No more Kim!), but insists that Faye Resnick [thankfully] has no desire to be a housewife. “I am lucky if she shows up for anything ever again,” Kyle adds.

Kyle concludes by sharing a few juicy tidbits about her niece, Paris Hilton (who is “so misunderstood” and a genius in disguise) and revealed a secret friendship with Michael Jackson?! “When we were kids we would go to um the roller rink, and um, he would hold my hand and he would get so shy and embarrassed when all the fans would come up.”  Also, “Auntie Kyle” once took Michael’s kids, Paris and Prince, to the movies. Kyle has certainly lived a really strange and interesting life – it makes me kind of excited to watch her sitcom.


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