Jeremy Calvert Is NOT Back Together With Leah Messer; Dishes On Teen Mom 2 Season 8

WV is a little-itty bitty state where everybody knows everybody – this weekend Jermey Calvert was caught posing on Instagram with Leah Messer. Jeremy denies that he’s rekindling things with his infamous ex, and explains they ran into each other at a bar, and decided to show the world that despite what we see on Teen Mom 2 they actually get along pretty well!

The chance meet-up with Leah was just that – serendipity! “It wasn’t planned or anything,” says Jeremy. “It just happened we went to the same place. Me and Leah are not back together, we’re strictly friends.”


Jeremy is confused by all the hullabaloo – it’s not like he’s on Jerry Springer, he’s able to “get along” with the woman he made a baby with! “If I run into my ex-wife, we’re going to act like mature adults for the sake of our child. If people don’t understand that they can kiss my a$$. I didn’t see anything wrong with taking an innocent photo with my ex-wife. We have a child together, and we’re not going to start screaming at each other or anything.”

Very adult perspective there Jermey! But given her past, should Leah really be in a bar?

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Things may – finally – be going OK with Leah, but Jeremy has officially broken up with his fiancé Brooke Wehr. And Brooke is not taking the news too kindly. She recently posted a post-hookup selfie with a man not Jeremy, then announced to the world that Jermey slept with her best friend! Oops. Yet, somewhere in the middle of all that she had still considered taking him back – until she saw him posing with Leah, that is!

Jeremy & Leah

“#GoodTimes” shared Leah. [Credit: Instagram]

Jeremy and Brooke were off-again/on-again for a while, and according to him in between one of those breaks he got a lil frisky with Brooke’s (now former) bestie Leeann. Of course when they briefly got back together, he couldn’t exactly be honest with her… Jeremy explains, “It was kind of awkward, so [Leeann] and I kept our mouths shut.”

Brooke and I broke up back in February,” Jeremy told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “There was no arguing or anything, just a clean break.”

Once it was over-over Jeremy decided to tell Brooke by forwarding her a screenshot of a conversation between himself and Leeann in which they discuss telling Brooke about their hook-up. I know…  You can see the now-deleted post on Starcasm. “We did it one time and it was over” defends Jeremy. “Brooke was with someone else at the same time. We were broken up, and I never thought Brooke and I would get back together.”

Brooke doesn’t believe it was a one-time incident – she alleges that Jeremy was cheating with Leeann. He denies this. “Here’s a screenshot between my best f**king friend leeann and jeremy who had been hooking up behind my back the whole f**king time we were together, ” Brooke railed in the post. “Sucks that I just found this out. These two sorry excuses for human beings are literally the scum of the earth.”

In another post, Brooke shared, “The world needs to know he’s actually a sneaky dirty pos instead of this calm dude he appears to be for the cameras.” Brooke insists that she and Jeremy only split two weeks.

Jeremy argues that they were “texting again” and discussing giving their relationship another chance when Brooke saw the pictures of him with Leah. So Leah is the Deer Cam that broke the hunter’s back!

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Brooke’s anger hasn’t affected Jeremy’s amicable relationship with Leah. According to him, a lot of their drama is for the sake of Teen Mom 2. “MTV tries to make things look like Leah and me don’t get along, but that’s not true. Things are never going to be perfect for a divorced couple with a child, that’s true, but things between us aren’t bad.”

Well Jeremy and Leah are doing better than SOME people – it must be all that life coachin‘!

Speaking of, Jeremy isn’t sure about doing an 8th season of the show that made his relationship foibles the stuff of blogs everywhere. But I mean, it’s a number’s game… “We’re still in negotiation for me to be in Season 8,” he confirmed. “Their money offer went up, so, I’ve been filming. We’ll see.”


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