Leah Messer - Teen Mom 2 Season 6

Leah Messer has had quite a year, but now that she’s been through rehab therapy she’s all about love! And light! And positivity! Except when it comes to shading Corey Simms and his wife Miranda

In a Q&A from Facebook, Leah answered viewer questions about this season of Teen Mom 2, her new totally amazing life, but still doesn’t address the allegations about cheating and drug use. Because nothing is ever Leah’s fault. Except for the time the Quick-E-Mart ran out of Cheetos – yes, that was her fault. The girls needed dinner, y’all! 

Referring to treatment, not rehab, as the “greatest experience” of her life, Leah learned sooooo much! She even confesses, “I wish I would have went to a treatment facility after my first divorce.” 


“I don’t know what I would do without therapy and all of the coping skills I have learned!” But what about when the next future baby daddy arrives? Although Leah assures us, “babies are not even on my mind.” Clearly. Yes, babies, it seems, are an unfortunate byproduct of Leah’s obsession with boys. 

Leah also realized she’s an amazing mother! “I do believe I am the best mother I can be but I will strive to be an even BETTER mother than I Am.” Oh yes, please KEEP striving. Was the delusional voice in Leah’s head her ‘therapist’ in “treatment”?

However, Leah continues to be evasive about why exactly she sought treatment. Naturally she places the blame on her custody battle with Corey. “Treatment facilities aren’t just for addicts. Jeremy knew where I was going and why, but I could not be open with Corey because anything and everything was tried to be used against me in a negative light even if it was for the better.” 

“When all of the drug rumors were going around why didn’t you defend yourself to Corey? It showed on camera that you passed a drug test.” asked a viewer. Leah explains, “I tried to defend myself without confrontation, but no matter what I done or said their minds were set on their own opinions.”

Reacting to Miranda’s negative opinion of her, Leah feels it’s baseless. “Misery loves company, and I can only control my own actions not hers or anyone else.” Leah also defends her decision to not include Miranda in every conversation she has with Corey. “If there wasn’t so many judgmental comments I would be a lot more comfortable.”

Leah says today her relationship with Corey and Miranda is focused on Ali and Aleeah. “We are doing what is best for the girls besides our differences.” 

Acknowledging that being a twice-divorced in her 2os is “humiliating,” Leah insists, “it’s only a lesson learned.” Is it?

Jeremy and I have talked but just remained as friends. As it is best,” Leah gushed. “We get along great ! He sees Addie anytime he’s in and we just really work together on when she sees him and when she sees me. We let her decide.” Addie is 2 –  and sadly she is likely the most qualified person out of Leah, Jeremy, and herself to make these decisions. 

Of course although LEAH was the one caught on the Deer Cam, she whines that Jeremy didn’t try hard enough in their marriage. “I do love Jeremy, but when you say for better or worse you don’t give up easily on that person!” she complains “I’m just thankful we do what is best for our daughter and always have her best interest at HEART!” 

Since Leah agrees she’s not 100% perfect, she’s continuing to work on herself. “I am following through with therapy and outpatient,” she admits. Leah learned she needs to “make time” for herself. More time? 

Other than therapy, Leah has no other plans to improve her future with like school or a job. “My girls need me right now,” she demurs. 

Leah was also coy about there love life and will find love when “the time is right.” She is reportedly involved with TR Dues


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