Luann de Lesseps Denies Having An Open Marriage With Tom D’Agostino; Dorinda Medley Calls The Gossip “Dangerous”

Luann de Lesseps, now going by Luann D’Agostino (she will never be without her Extra D), wants everyone to know that she and Tom D’Agostino are completely in love and their marriage is very much closed – well except for the plethora of Real Housewives Of New York who can’t keep their noses out of what’s happening under Luann’s sheets!

Dorinda Medley also agrees that it’s time to leave Tom and Luann be.

On the season premiere, Ramona Singer used her crazy eyes to hypnotize Luann into believing she truly wishes her and Tom all the happiness in the world, and will stop speculating about their relationship. Then Ramona guzzled some Pinot and resumed her Googling.


Accusations of an open marriage are “just not true,” says Luann, “and I’m not gonna feed into it.”

Ramona likes to spread rumors,” Luann scoffs. “I wish she would focus on her own life and stop focusing on Tom and I.” Luann tells Bravo’s Daily Dish she’s tired of Ramona “trying to come up with more things about Tom.”

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Dorinda agrees it’s time to stop investigating Luann and Tom, who are very happy together. “I see zero signs of that,” Dorinda says of open marriage accusations. “I don’t believe it and I don’t think Luann would put up with it for a second. And Tom loves her. What would be the upside of that?”

“People should not speculate about other people’s lives and things because it’s dangerous,” adds Dorinda. “You don’t know what the circumstances are.”

Regardless of the rumors, Dorinda reminds us that Luann and Tom are very much a unit. “She took on Mrs. D’Agostino very quickly. There’s no more Countess. Dorinda also notes to Bravo’s Daily Dish that Tom, a bachelor until aged 50, wouldn’t “get married and go through all this to destroy his life.”

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Dorinda also shrugs off rumors about Luann and The Count having an open invitation to cheat. “That’s done… whatever happens at the end of a failed marriage it sometimes goes wonky and people do things they shouldn’t do before they get out for good. I don’t know. I didn’t know her back then.”

Why is Ramona so obsessed with Luann’s marriage? Mario cheated too and I never heard Luann mock Ramona over it. Ramona needs to focus on finding her own happiness, and let Luann alone.

Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New York and we’ll be introduced to new cast member Tinsley Mortimer.

“Former “it girl” Tinsley Mortimer, has just moved back to the city after a tumultuous few years, including getting arrested, and is the latest boarder in Sonja’s townhouse. Bethenny invites Carole and Ramona over to discuss life, politics and Sonja’s new roommate’s tragic fall from the heights of the NYC social scene. Ramona fills Dorinda in on the dirt she has about Tom, Luann’s fiancé. Sonja throws a Mad Hatter tea party to introduce everyone, except Dorinda, to Tinsley.”

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