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Even though Ramona Singer wasn’t a guest on Watch What Happens Live last night, it sure felt like she was since pretty much every question that Carole Radziwill answered was about Ramona. Carole got one question about her couch cover, but other than that, the show was basically about Ramona.

I guess that’s what happens when Carole’s life is relatively drama free and she isn’t fighting with anyone on the show: she gets asked about the person who is annoying the cast members the most these days.


I feel like Carole is too normal and level-headed for the Real Housewives of New York, so I don’t get why she is still on the show. Like I said, every single question she was asked was Ramona-centered, so clearly there is not a ton of intrigue around Carole and her army of pets named Baby.

The one question that had to do with Carole was about her couch. Andy Cohen asked, “What’s happening with that couch?” Carole shared, “The couch is now out of my apartment and it’s being recovered, but not in that famous tiger fabric.” Apparently the piece of furniture has drawn some interest with the fandom – not from any of my friends who watch, but I guess some people care.

Andy asked Carole about Ramona being confrontational when it comes to her feud with Bethenny Frankel. Carole explained, “She prepares what she is going to say,” and she added, “She has this script going on in her head and it’s no relation to what’s going on in real life.”

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A viewer called in to ask Carole about her story line this season… Just kidding. it was another query about Ramona. The fan wondered “why Ramona can’t realize that Bethenny is pissed off because she brought up her six-year-old daughter. ” Carole said, “That’s a good question and none of us can understand why she doesn’t understand that as well. I think she was trying to poke Bethenny and shame her a little.” Pretty much.

Why wasn’t Ramona in the club house? All roads led to Ramona. Carole was asked, “Do you regret not inviting Ramona to your party on election night?” Of course, Carole said, “No, I don’t. She wasn’t interested at all.” Clearly.

To wrap up Ramona Fest 2K17, Carole was asked, “Has Ramona had any plastic surgery?” Even though there is definitely something different about Ramona’s appearance this season, Carole answered, “I don’t think she has.” We learned nothing new about Carole and I’m shocked that Ramona didn’t tweet Andy with some rebuttals since the entire episode was focused on her.


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