Southern Charm Recap: Lunch Hour


The lack of drama on this season’s Southern Charm has been a catch-22. Obviously, I don’t want drama for the sake of entertainment at the expense of two young children and their feuding parents, but without the screaming and roof raising, what are we watching? Last night’s episode reminded me why I fell in love with the first season. These folks seem to sincerely have fun with each other, and I believe they all have good hearts…if not intentions.

The show begins as Kathryn Dennis practices yoga in Hampton Park as Landon reaches out Thomas Ravenel to ask him out to dinner. Cameran Eubanks takes a call from her husband Jason Wimberly and informs him of their family of five predicted by the psychic. He suggests turning their downstairs bedroom into a nursery, but she’s making it a zen room…for now. In fact, she’s on her way to purchase all new fixings for the spot. In the Old Village, Craig Conover gets some epic news of his own from the Dean of the law school. He’s finally satisfied his upper level writing requirement which means he is officially finished with law school. Craig and Gizmo celebrate with a Facetime session with his parents and some cat treats. At Marshall’s Cameran is shopping with Chelsea to decorate her new zen room. Cameran rehashes the evening at Patricia’s, complete with Craig and Shep Rose screaming about forgiveness and her desire to stay above the fray. She’s not picking sides and wishes Kathryn well, she’s just strives to be drama free. Chelsea shares her initial meeting with Kathryn. She was expecting a nightmare but enjoyed her interaction with the group outsider.


Naomie Olindo and Craig are dining at my weekly spot, Park Cafe. Craig is excited to share his news with Naomie, but she counters that she’s glad he’s finally doing what he’s supposed to do. He is actually doing what he’s supposed to do, right? Naomie questions about his intentions to take the bar, and poor Craig is beyond deflated at how this conversation has transpired. I get Naomie has put up with a lot from ol’ Craig in the past, but she needs to put that aside and show him some support. Not only is he ready to study for the bar, he’s a great dad to Gizmo!

After the shouting match at Patricia’s dinner party, Shep calls Cameran to apologize for his behavior. He invites her to lunch with Craig, Kathryn, and him, but she’s on the fence. When Shep explains that he’s frustrated because everyone seems to give T-Rav a pass because he’s charming. Thomas has been quite the asshat to all of them, even Cameran. Remember his dinner parties? If Cameran can be buddies with T-Rav given the insults he’s hurled in her direction, she should at least be open to one lunch with Kathryn. She begrudgingly concedes, and Shep calls Kathryn to confirm their plans.


That evening, Landon and Thomas are enjoying a fancy dinner filled with grating giggling and awkward winks. A blushing Thomas even knocks over his wine due to nerves. Through her grating guffaws, Landon reveals that she invited T-Rav to this dinner in an attempt to rekindle their friendship. She agrees with Patricia that T-Rav would be an ideal suitor, but she can’t quite get over the age difference, his two kids, his prison record, and that crazy baby mama. As much as Landon hates to admit it, she cares what people think, and Charleston is a small town where people gossip. Thomas couldn’t care a lick what people think about him, and he urges her to adopt a “go f*c$ thyself” mentality to her haters. Through her giggles, Landon practices the phrase before being interrupted by a buzzed Andy Cohen plant. Said random diner drones on and on about how Landon shouldn’t care about others’ opinions of her and advises Thomas not to let Landon out of his sight. They are clearly soulmates. There is that word again! The lady slurs about how she can feel their chemistry at her table. No, I think that’s the Chardonnay…


The following day, Shep has organized lunch at California Dreaming, and Craig makes awkward jokes about Shep’s intentions given their recent tensions. Kathryn is cautiously optimistic that Cameran is willing to dine with her. Shep and Craig remind Kathryn that she has never has so much as an argument with Cameran, so it’s weird that Cameran’s loyalties lie elsewhere. Cameran ambushes the trio with a surprise guest of her own…Whitney Sudler-Smith. After some extremely awkward small talk, Cameran takes the lead by extending the olive branch and offering support. She doesn’t want to speak for Whitney, but Cameran is ready to move forward and start fresh. Whitney, seeming incredibly genuine (he can’t be that good of an actor), agrees with Cameran and compliments Kathryn on her progress. This breakthrough means the most to Kathryn as she had a very close relationship with Whitney (oh, we remember those Ann Taylor Loft days, trust us!), and he crushed her by blindly supporting T-Rav through their demise. After some mutual peace offerings and a cringe-worthy joke about water under the Ravenel bridge, the group is laughing and bonding over how easy it is to make fun of Craig for his legal education woes.


Craig and Austen Kroll are taking to the golf course, and they are dishing like middle school girls over Austen and Chelsea’s fledgling relationship. Austen knows he needs to tread lightly so she won’t go running for the hills. They compare stories about Shep lording over the sandbox. It’s not that Shep wants to date Chelsea, he just doesn’t want Austen to date Chelsea. Speaking of, Shep pops into Chelsea’s salon for a quick trim, even though she just cut his hair a few weeks ago. He asks general questions about her relationship status with Austen, and she vaguely replies that they are having fun and do fun things together. However, no one is chasing her at the moment. Wait, is that a challenge? Shep pressures her to join his for a glass of wine post-haircut, but Chelsea knows better.

T-Rav has enlisted the help of the nanny to plan Saint’s first birthday party at Hampton Park. He calls his father to extend an invitation, but his father may not be able to come due to a dental appointment. Thomas is clearly disappointed that his dad won’t alter his plans to attend his grandson’s party. Whitney drops by and shares the details of his meeting with Kathryn. He believes she deserves a second chance, and he suggests that Thomas include her on the guest list for Saint’s shindig. Thomas is wary, but he wonders if the party would be a good litmus test for the pair.

Over the most painful to watch dinner ever to occur at Home Team, Landon breaks up with her boy toy Drew. He doesn’t seem to mind. The meal starts with the duo talking about their busy schedules and how Roam wasn’t built in a day…or even a year. Or even at all since Landon forgot to check the availability of the domain before launching the site. Oops! She changes the subject to how old her eggs are and how much she desires to get remarried and start a family. Landon laments that she’s probably a lot closer to being ready for these things than Drew, and he doesn’t disagree. Landon is able to go from giggles to waterworks over how much she’ll miss him, and he’s all, hey, it’s cool! They can be friends–he’ll happily still walk her dog. This admission chokes up Landon even more…in the twelve years she’s had Charlotte, Drew is the first boyfriend to walk her. As Landon whimpers, Drew eats another wing and pats himself on the back for dodging a bullet.


Carmella’s! My mouth is watering–they have the most amazing mini cakes. Kathryn and Liz are sharing a birthday cake to commemorate Saint’s birthday, and Kathryn is a bit melancholy given the difference between Kensie’s first party and Saint’s upcoming milestone. She reminds Liz about the unanswered letter she penned for T-Rav, and Liz rewards her with his reply in which he invites her to Saint’s party. Liz is pleased to see this happy, vibrant Kathryn…she’s a lot better than the screaming, crying one, for sure!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV