Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel Thinks Ramona “Lacks Class” For Inviting Tom D’Agostino’s Ex To Her Party; Describes Tinsley Mortimer As “Emotionally Constipated”

Even though Bethenny Frankel was more focused on selling her apartment than hanging with her Real Housewives of New York costars last episode, she sure has a lot to say about everything that went down. Obviously she called out Ramona Singer for inviting Tom D’Agostino’s former flame to her party.

Bethenny also had a lot to say about the new girl Tinsley Mortimer, which is pretty surprising considering that she doesn’t have much a story line this season, but then again there’s pretty much nothing going on so far. Hopefully it picks up, but in the mean time, as her last name suggests, Bethenny has some surprisingly strong opinions about Tinsley’s return to the Big Apple.

For the most part, it doesn’t seem like Bethenny is into being on this show other than for the opportunity to plug her brand and hang out with Carole Radziwill, so it’s shocking that she has so many thoughts on Tinsley. Maybe there’s some upcoming drama? Otherwise, I feel like they’ve barely spoken, so it seems random.

Before talking about Tinsley, Bethenny wrote in her Bravo blog about Ramona’s apartment party (which she didn’t attend, obviously), “Inviting Tom’s ex as yet another ‘gotcha’ ambush certainly lacked class.” Agreed. Not the best look for anyone involved.

Bethenny even defended Luann de Lesseps: “I give it to Luann as hard as anyone, but for god’s sake, the woman is married. Let this couple live.” Agreed. Again. If Luann doesn’t care about Tom‘s checkered past, then why does anyone else? I am down to talk about it if he messes up from this point on, but she clearly isn’t bothered by anything (or anyone) Tom’s done in the past.

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Then Bethenny unleashed her hidden feelings about Tinsley: “Tinsley seems to be a bit emotionally constipated and kind of needs to take a page out of Elsa’s book, and let it go. Being a roommate at 40 in a room full of stuffed animals isn’t a cute look, nor is it the path to reviving a retired socialite career. Time to pack it up and pack it in.” Where to even begin with those sentences!? Dig after dig after dig.

Bethenny wasn’t done though. “I do think Tinsley should wear her hair and lashes however she sees fit. She talks a lot about this ‘abusive’ relationship she had, and it seems to, quite frankly, make everyone a bit uncomfortable, because we really don’t know her.” Damn. Ouch.

And then on a lighthearted note, Bethenny shared her thoughts on Sonja Morgan’s love triangle: “Sonja Morgan and Rocco: She just isn’t that into him. The heart, or some other body part, wants what the heart wants, and, at least for now, it seems to be baguettes over Italian sausages.”


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