Court Drama Continues For Bethenny Frankel And Jason Hoppy Over Stalking Charges

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14131 -- Pictured: Bethenny Frankel -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

When you marry for a spinoff, you… um, well the drama never ends! That is certainly the case with Bethenny Frankel and her ex Jason Hoppy who are currently in court battling over stalking and harassment charges!

The drama began after their FOUR-YEAR divorce finally wrapped up. Bethenny reported that Jason was consistently sending her a barrage of nasty texts, FaceTime calls and emails. After Jason publicly confronted her, the Real Housewives Of New York star called the police and had him arrested for stalking and harassment. Further charges followed when he still didn’t stop.

Yesterday Jason was back in court where he decided against accepting a proposed plea deal. Remember when we thought Jason was the normal one? Now it’s more of a case two wrongs don’t make a skinnygirl right! 

Jason previously filed a motion to dismiss the charges, but was denied. In exchange the judge offered to seal his record if he agreed to a one-year restraining order and complied with appropriate behavior towards his ex, however Jason refused that deal and instead is choosing to fight it out in court. This is the second time Jason has rejected a plea deal. Oh bother…

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According to the New York Daily News prosecutors have left the deal on the table until the scheduled September 27th court date and Jason will have until then to decide. Jason’s attorney says his client “has not yet made a determination.” He continues to maintain his innocence despite witness and police collaboration with Bethenny’s account that Jason accosted her outside Bryn’s school and attempted to start an argument with her over a cease & desist letter sent by Bethenny’s then-boyfriend Dennis.

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Following the incident Bethenny was issued a temporary restraining order. Jason has argued his issues with Bethenny are in relation to their daughter, and her attempts to keep Bryn at a distance. (They share 50/50 custody… although who knows how this latest incident could affect that).

A source tells People that Bethenny hopes the restraining order will remain in place and has felt “so free and joyous” since Jason has been mandated to stay away. “You can see it on the show. She has been lighter and happier,” adds the insider.

Another source reveals that we’ll see a “very emotionalBethenny when she discusses the situation at the reunion and reveals the truth of just how terrible things have been with Jason. “The rest of the cast was stunned. Even people in the control room were crying when she was talking.”

A gag order prevented Bethenny from talking about Jason while her divorce was ongoing. Ugh – this situation is such a mess. Poor Bryn. Will these two PLEASE just get it together!? Bethenny: stay out of the press and public with divorce and Jason drama; Jason: get over your divorce and leave Bethenny the f–k alone unless you can behave like an adult. Otherwise they’re gonna find themselves the next Simon and Tamra


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo