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Kelly Dodd Thinks Meghan Edmonds Takes Advantage Of Jim Edmonds’ Amazing Baseball Career And Wealth


Thanks to Peggy Sulahian, Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador had a night off from making the most offensive moves during the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. Peggy actually had the nerve to pinch Meghan Edmonds’ lips shut while she was talking and even though Kelly wasn’t there for that moment, she watched the episode and was very amused by it.

Not only did Kelly find the lip pinching to be entertaining television, but she also has a lot of serious shade to throw at Meghan and her husband Jim Edmonds.

Kelly wrote, “Wow, so many awkward moments in this week’s episode,” in her latest Bravo blog post.

Yes there were, but there was one that trumped them all. Kelly wrote, “Best of all, Meghan’s reaction when Peggy reaches over to pinch her lips together to make her shut her mouth. That one, in particular, was delightfully amusing.” It was definitely shocking. Peggy is really doing what she can to make sure that she gets asked back for a second season. But at least Meghan actually has a story line this time. In all honesty, Meghan should be (at least a little bit) grateful that Peggy was so rude: now she has something to talk about on this show.

Kelly couldn’t resist shading Heather Dubrow when she explained what she was thinking while that episode was filmed: “Now that Heather is out of the picture, I figured that Tamra [Judge] is my best hope for bridging the gap between Shannon and I. Michael [Dodd] says that when I deal with Tamra, she is playing chess and I’m playing checkers. It’s time I put some strategy in my game. As Tamra said, we are similar insomuch that we both are quick to lose control and react claws out. We are also quick to forgive and put the past behind us. Knowing that, I wanted to meet with Tamra so she could facilitate my reconciliation with Shannon.”

That makes perfect sense and their meeting actually did end up going surprisingly well. It most likely won’t last for long, but Kelly did say, “I’m glad I made the first move. Stay tuned to see if my strategy works.” Again – this most likely will not work, but I’ll definitely stay tuned no matter what.

Kelly got back to shading Meghan with this random observation: “I thought that Meghan’s reaction to Peggy unveiling her new Lamborghini was insightful. To me, she came across as extremely jealous.”

Sure, Meghan might be jealous that Peggy has a dope car and is getting more attention on this show, but it really didn’t seem like she was. In all honesty, Meghan was saying what many were thinking in response to Peggy’s ostentatious display of wealth. Who cares about Peggy getting a new car? Why does that warrant a party? Oh right, this is Real Housewives. Carry on, Peggy. Celebrate any occasion you want. It really is a Housewives rite of passage to throw a lavish event for an occasion that no normal person would ever celebrate.

Anyway, Kelly continued to go in on Meghan with this shade: “I asked myself why she might feel that way. Could it be that Peggy and Diko [Sulahian] grew their business and wealth together, whereas, Meghan is taking advantage of Jimmy’s amazing baseball career and wealth, even though she had nothing to do with him earning it? You gotta wonder.”

Based on what we’ve seen so far, that seems like a real reach to me, but those are definitely some fighting words. Clearly things are not cool between Kelly and Meghan these days. Then again friendships change up every minute on this show, so they could be best friends by the time you finish reading this.

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