Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean was a million times better than anyone ever expected. Minus a couple people who had no story line, everyone else was involved in some epic love triangles and arguments – and it didn’t just stay on the boat. They were beefing in interviews and on social media and I was living for it.

One of the most ridiculous feuds went down during a Watch What Happens Live episode when Hannah Ferrier and Bobby Giancola appeared. It was off the rails. They insulted each other back and forth and Bobby even accused Hannah of “offering herself” to him. It was absolutely insane.

Hannah spilled on that infamous WWHL episode and the rest of Below Deck Med Season 2 in an interview for the Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi podcast.

When asked, “What was different between this season and Season 1?” Hannah didn’t hesitate to answer, “I like the people in Season 1.” She said she was joking, but there really did seem to be a ton of truth to that response. It is very clear that she is not on good terms with a lot of the cast members.

Still, Hannah continued, “To me, Season 1, we were all – apart from Ben [Robinson] – new. We had no idea what was going on. This season it felt like maybe there were some people there who had other agendas than just being a stewardess or a deckhand.” Reality TV stars with an agenda other than doing their day jobs? Shocking.

When asked if she was still seeing Jason, the charter guest that she “made out with,” Hannah said, “No. I still like ‘see’ him when he’s in front of me, but I’m not dating him.” Just as a refresher – in the episode, Hannah ran into Jason’s room after he was already in there and then claimed that Jason is the one who initiated whatever went down. Even so, she insisted, “We kissed for a few seconds so I was paranoid about go-pros and hidden cameras. And we were on charter so I was like ‘We can’t do this. Let’s leave this for after charter.’ At the end of the day, everything isn’t as it seems.”

Hate on Hannah if you must, but she definitely brought a lot of material to this season. One person who definitely did not, was Second Stewardess Bugsy Drake, who could not stand Hannah the entire time. Hannah said, “I actually got so much shock watching the show about how much she spoke behind my back and then did nothing to my face.” Then she declared, “She needed a story line, but when you’re that boring you know…”

Bugs may have been a great stewardess, but she definitely wasn’t an MVP as far as reality stars go.

One person who definitely more than pulled his weight when it came to stirring shit up this season is Bobby, who hooked up with one of the charter guests after matching with her on Tinder. After he gave Hannah shit for whatever she did with Jason on a previous charter that season. Hannah remarked, “At least mine was the primary charter guest. Because that was someone Jerry [the primary charter guest] was interested in. So Jerry is kissing the girl and you go and kiss the girl he likes?”

How was Bobby supposed to know that Jerry was interested in this girl when Jerry is the one who actually set up a date for Bobby and the woman on the boat? Clearly Jerry changed his mind midway through.

Hannah added, “Bobby just doesn’t seem to have a lot of class and decorum.” And of course she addressed that absurd WWHL interview and claimed, “If it wasn’t live and I didn’t have so much respect for Andy [Cohen], I would have gotten up and walked away.” Thank god she didn’t. That episode was epic.

When asked to name the best reunion moment, Hannah said, “When Andy asked who out of the crew had hooked up because I knew about two people who have hooked up and I was just watching like ‘you f-ckers better not lie because I will call you out.'” Who is she referring to? Interesting.

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