Kate Chastain - Below Deck Season 5

Below Deck Season 5 Returns With An Almost Completely New Crew

By now we’ve all seen Below Deck‘s Men Eater commercials starring Kate Chastain enough times to expect a season of some serious resting bitch face! So without further ado here is a brief lifesaving recap of last season’s drama – just because it’s good to be prepared on the high seas! Or maybe it doesn’t matter since this season the crew is almost completely new.

The most saddy-sad news of all is that Ben Robinson is not returning. I. Know. Oh boy do I know. So sad. He and his on-boat/off-boat girlfriend Emily Warburton-Adam are instead launching their own cooking show. Needless to say Emily, who started out so promising, and ended up so Anti-Kate, is not returning either!

In fact the only returning crew members to Captain Lee‘s yacht besides Kate, our intrepid chief stew, is Nico Scholly, now promoted to chief deckhand. Considering their mutual dislike of each other that should be, um, right up Bravo’s alley for drama! Luckily we’ll have Captain Lee to hold down the fort!

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Traveling aboard the Valor to St. Martin, this season’s crew will include Matthew Burns as the new chef, stews Brianna Adekeye and Jennifer Howell, and deckhands Chris Brown, Bruno Duarte and Baker Manning.

I’m hoping that this season Kate will be more focused and less, well, bitchy after ending her toxic relationship, but she’ll also have to be up to the task of training a completely “green” crew. Not only are they new to the show, but they’re completely new yachties.

Last season started off rocky and things only continued to get worse. Kate and Ben constantly faced-off over matters of hospitality, and Kelley Johnson was, as always, pursuing an ill-fated on-deck romance. Poor Sierra Storm literally couldn’t get along with anyone – or anything on board – in her perpetual state of confusing about all matters, everywhere. Thankfully Kyle Dixon, the little grifter that could, is also all-aboard a different boat. Or possibly in court.

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It should be interesting having Kate and Nico back considering how little they liked and respected each other last season. Kate blamed Nico for Lauren Burchnell‘s dislike of her. She also blamed Ben for Amy disliking her.

On tonight’s premiere the crew is aboard yacht Valor and traveling to St. Martin. Kate and Nico are distracted from their mutual dislike of each other in order to focus on training a completely new crew – most of them on their first ever charter season. Captain Lee is thrilled that he gets to – hopefully – mold these newbies completely in his likeness. Meanwhile Nico reveals that his brother has died in between seasons and he’s having a hard time coping with the loss. Nico also realizes he knows Brianna from his past, which could get complicated!

After last season’s constant whining, bickering, f–king and f–king around, I’m excited about what the new season will bring! (Am I the only one who still misses Rocky’s Mermaid Tail?)


[Photo Credit:  Virginia Sherwood/Bravo]