It would not be at all shocking if Peggy Sulahian wasn’t asked to return to Real Housewives of Orange County next season. She didn’t know any of the other cast members prior to joining the show. She doesn’t seem to get understand any English idiom, even though she used the phrase “out of left field” herself before saying that she didn’t know what it meant. I could go on and on, but it’s basically a total misfire.

Sure, Peggy seems like a nice enough person, but she just doesn’t seem to be cut out for the Housewives drama. Someone accused her of getting in “the middle” of an argument between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge and she corrected them in the most literal way possible: by saying that she was standing on the side. This woman just doesn’t get it. She seems relatively harmless and honestly seeing her on Watch What Happens Live made me want to give her a hug more than anything just because she is in way over her head.

When Andy Cohen asked Peggy to say the first word that came to mind when he mentioned each of her cast members, it was nothing short of a struggle. She described Vicki as “supportive” and then for Tamra she just said “depends” which isn’t really applicable. When Shannon Beador was mentioned, Peggy just said “ugh” several times before uttering “she needs help.” She described Kelly Dodd as unpredictable which makes a lot of sense. She said Lydia McLaughlin was a “sweetheart” and she took a dig at Meghan Edmonds by dubbing her as “insecure.”

The OC ladies love to investigate other people’s medical histories, so it really isn’t shocking that they find Peggy’s cancer situation to be questionable. Andy asked her, “What are your reactions to the questions about your health?” Peggy answered, “The reactions are I don’t like it. They shouldn’t ask. They should be supportive.” She also said, “I myself was in denial so it was really  hard to kind of express it and to tell them. When they did ask me. They kept asking me and it was in a place of not concern.” It definitely was not. They just wanted to find the scoop and were desperate to find some sort of story line for this floundering season.

Andy addressed Peggy about the rumor that she didn’t allow her brother to attend their father’s funeral because he was gay. Peggy maintains, “Absolutely not. I am not a homophobe. Absolutely not. We have not spoken in twenty years.” Andy wasn’t done with that topic though since he asked, “Have you not spoken because he’s gay?” Peggy insisted, “No. I am not a homophobe. I support the LGBT community. I love them. I have nothing against them. It has nothing to do with him being gay at all. It’s a private family affair and that’s just what it is.”

Andy read a viewer question for Peggy asking her about the best and worst parts of being on the show. She said, “The best is to have me on the show. The women get to experience me.” A LOT of people would beg to differ on that sentiment. Peggy also said, “The worst is “I have to deal with sh-t.”

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