LeeAnne Locken Thinks Cary Deuber Is Trying To Separate Brandi Redmond & Stephanie Hollman

It feels like there is a revolving door of friendships on Real Housewives of Dallas– in a good way though. They argue, talk shit, make up, and the argue about something new. It’s the way Real Housewives should be- unlike some other shows in the franchise that drag out the same plot line for YEARS.

One of the many confusing relationships on RHOD is the one between LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond. Last season, they could not stand each other. Season 2 started out with Brandi being on the outs with her ride or die Stephanie Hollman and leaning on LeeAnne (of all people!) for support and that is why this show is actually so good in it’s second season: the story keeps moving forward.

LeeAnne discussed the last episode in her Bravo blog post. She wrote, “I felt so much warmth when Brandi stopped by with that enormous floral arrangement. It was so unexpected and sweet, especially to hear her speak with concern over my illness. I was so tired and weak at her party, and she really showed me that she knew that.”

It’s also pretty surprising that Brandi stopped by to visit after LeeAnne smashed that glass. Then again, they were both on the same side of that argument against Cary Deuber, so she was probably just grateful for the support. Speaking of that glass, LeeAnne admitted, “Did I expect to smash the only glass in the building? Of course not. I was ailing and had zero patience, so I knew it would halt everything long enough to regain a singular direction since things were spinning out of control. But that’s where my instincts went. This is an old pattern that I know must be stopped — trust me.”

She continued, “Listening to how hurt Brandi was by Cary was hard. You see, I did whatever I could to make it to the white party and try to resolve the conflict — not create more. The whole purpose of bringing the notecards was to get answers and stay on track, not because I have dementia as Steph the Social Worker so ignorantly suggested. Going into all of this, I could have sworn that Cary was the puppeteer of Stephanie and sometimes Brandi, but now I am starting to question that completely.” What is she alluding to with that last statement?

LeeAnne wondered, “Is there a grand puppet master? Or do all three of them just have severe cracks in their friendship with one another?” She explained, “We have seen Brandi cut off Steph. We have seen Steph replace Brandi with Cary. Then we saw them all ‘make up’ at my expense, and now Cary is turning on both Steph and Brandi? Goodness, I can’t keep up. Who is trustworthy?” Such a valid question.

LeeAnne dissected the Cary and Stephanie sit-down: “when Cary said, ‘I’m not going to let someone throw a glass at me.’ Okay. Did we all watch the same episode? I never threw the glass at her. It went behind me, blatantly and on purpose. This manipulation of the truth makes my stomach turn, especially the fact that she does it so easily. Oh, and quick flashback to what WAS said about Brandi’s doctor, and Cary DENYING it.” Does Cary not realize that she’s being recorded? No one can get away with lying on a reality TV show…at least not for too long.

LeeAnne pointed out, “Something that really disturbed me watching Cary and Steph was the complete disregard for Brandi and how Cary lied to her face in front of everyone. Cary did a great job of turning herself into the victim when she said, ‘Brandi ATTACKED me.’ These volatile words, skirting off the truth, and inaccurate descriptions of what actually happened must stop.”

LeeAnne wrote, “Now, when Cary said, ‘Brandi has a spell on Steph,’ I guess she just thinks Steph is stupid? It didn’t stop there; it got a little intrusive when she said, ‘Steph needs to be conscious of SEPARATING herself from Brandi.’ Say, what? Cary just told Steph NOT to be friends with Brandi because it will leave her out. Plain as day. Y’all, please remember this. The scene goes on with Cary continuing to try and separate Steph and Brandi.” LeeAnne definitely hit nail on the head with this one. Or at the very lease we have the same opinion. Cary does not seem comfortable with Steph and Brandi renewing their best friendship. If they’re each other’s number ones, then who does Cary have?

In contrast, LeeAnne wrote, “When I told Brandi that I feared Steph was being manipulated by Cary, it was because I was a concerned friend. No, I do not like Steph, but I like Brandi, and Brandi loves Steph. So duh, when I see something’s not right, I’m going to say it. I never once told her to separate herself from anyone. I never intruded in that way. I simply told her to be honest with Steph and clear the air the way it should be. That is the difference between my conversation with Brandi and Cary’s conversation with Steph.” Yep. Say what you want about LeeAnne (and there’s a lot to be said), she really does seem to have a genuine love for Brandi.

As much as I live for LeeAnne, I just get so over talking about Cary. Cary lied. Cary lied about her lies. We all saw this play out during the episodes, but LeeAnne had even more to say about her nemesis: “Cut to Cary exhibiting her word-twisting and denial again, when she asked Brandi why she made the nanny comment. I don’t think she really wanted an answer because she wouldn’t give Brandi the time of day to respond! Cary easily started deflecting the conversation from “nanny” to ‘watching kids,’ and the whole ‘I watched your kids, but I’m not f—ing you’ comment to Brandi REALLY confused me. Like, what?! That comparison makes zero sense. Twist it like a washing machine, girl.” I obviously have no insider knowledge about any facet of Cary’s personal life, but she is definitely carrying herself in a suspicious manner.

I have no idea why LeeAnne wanted to invite Cary and Mark Deuber, but she did and she figured it was best to have a heated conversation with him mid-invite. Well, actually I do have an idea why LeeAnne would want to the Deubers at her engagement party: contractual obligation.

LeeAnne wrote, “Now back to the conversation with Mark; he asked and I owned it. It may be virtually impossible for Cary to change the way she speaks to me, so now I have to change how I react to her. Finally, I have a direction to go in. And while the conversation with Mark didn’t go terribly, it still showed that it was a conversation he wouldn’t manipulate or ‘win,’ as he eventually just walked away. At least I can say I stood there and tried in a mature and calm way. I am proud of that.” Maybe I need to re-watch this part of the episode because I don’t remember watching this and thinking it went smoothly at all.

And just for good measure, LeeAnne had even more to say about Cary. She wrote, “Back to Brandi apologizing to Cary but Cary NOT apologizing to Brandi. Like I said, somehow she expertly deflected that, continuing her victimhood. It confuses the hell out of me! I guess if you just keep talking long enough, you can ‘control’ the conversation, and the other person gives up. I think that’s a bit messier than broken glass on the floor; at least you clean glass up.”

LeeAnne teased, “You can’t clean up Cary’s woven lies and manipulative wording. And then where does it all come back to? ME. Oh, and the comment to Brandi in the next episode teaser was a JOKE. Please do not be fooled. I honestly cannot wait for next week! I am sure everyone will blame me for THEIR behavior, and life will go back to normal! I mean season one ‘normal.'” NOOOOOO. I was really into the idea of a Brandi and LeeAnne friendship.

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