Real Housewives of Dallas: The Nanny and the Confessor

It’s sad to know that next week will be the season finale of The Real Housewives of Dallas. This show has been an escape since August. It has been a strong season filled with drama, laughs and dick jokes. This week proves once again that the cast has all equally pulled their weight. New girls, Kameron Westcott and D’Andra Simmons have also made a name for themselves. D’Andra hasn’t been the catalyst for any drama, yet is still arguably coming across the best this season. Never boring, D’Andra keeps it real and hasn’t shied away from an opinion yet. Kameron has committed to not being taken seriously, and it works. We’ve laughed (and sometimes rolled our eyes) through all of her moments and got to see what pink dog food looks like. We know you were wondering…

This episode picks up with Stephanie Hollman patiently teaching her son the alphabet with a Tutor. She’s happy to see that his confidence is growing and feels good about his progress. Later, we learn that her husband Travis also suffered from dyslexia growing up. And now he’s a multi-millionaire. Stephanie smiles as she realizes that her son is going to be just fine.

Wearing a fur over a fur, Kameron and her mother Karen, preview the Sparkle Dog launch party venue. Kam’s mom has things to do; don’t expect to see Karen at the party. Kameron recounts age seven when she was designing a towel for her parents’ textile company – pink and white of course. Neiman Marcus snapped it up, naturally. The goal is for her guests to “feel the sparkles”, walk across a pink carpet and even engage with a dog psychic. D’Andra arrives and Kameron explains that they have the product, but it’s red – NOT PINK. She asks if she should cancel and D’Andra says in business and product development you can’t stop the party. [Who says you can’t learn business while watching Housewives?]

Later on, Stephanie asked Cary Deuber to meet for dinner. Cary feels alone and hated by everyone. Stephanie was concerned that Cary left the table at the white party questioning her friendships. Looking to clarify, she asks Cary if she said she’ll never be friends with her and Brandi Redmond again. “Yeah” said Cary, “I did. That cave dinner is where I feel it went off track”. Stephanie takes Cary’s side, agreeing that Brandi wasn’t right to out Cary as “the nanny”. Later, Cary feels that once Brandi came back into the picture, she and Stephanie haven’t hung out as much and references some “spell” Brandi must have. She encourages Stephanie to be conscious of the spell and be clear that they’re two different people.

Real Housewives of Dallas: The Nanny and the Confessor

Over at LeeAnne Locken’s house, Brandi arrives with a HUGE, like REALLY big floral arrangement. LeeAnne is feeling stronger and should survive the flesh-eating bacteria after all. Brandi says her feelings were hurt once again by Cary at her White Party. LeeAnne says she smashed the glass to get everyone to shut up but doesn’t know how they’ll move forward with the former Nanny. Brandi, still a little fired up, stands behind her revelation of Cary’s past, telling LeeAnne she kept that secret for over a year. LeeAnne, channeling Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd, labels Cary the puppeteer of Brandi and Stephanie, dubbing Stephanie as being easily swayed and Cary super manipulative.  She tells Brandi that Stephanie isn’t as two-faced as she thought, instead manipulated by Cary. Cut back to the dinner with Stephanie to and Cary:  Cary says, “I’m not the kind of friend who’s going to try to manipulate [you] into anything”. Like a coach in a locker room, she encourages Stephanie to separate herself. On the flip side, LeeAnne advises her teammate Brandi to tell Steph that if she stays close with Cary, it will damage their friendship.

D’Andra and her coordinator Amelia head to the lab to meet with Jackie to sign off on the production sample. L22 Elixir is officially happening. It’s also her favorite number. Everything is ready to go – except the main ingredient – L22. They’ll have to wait four weeks, despite launching in two. Maybe Jackie has the solution? The Cosmetic Designer replies, “Uh, then I don’t know what we’re going to do”. Amelia is officially concerned about Mama Dee. Is Dee going to be angry and lose confidence in D’Andra? Will they get L22 in time? And will D’Andra ever run the company?

Real Housewives of Dallas: The Nanny and the Confessor

At the Westcott mansion, Kameron fills her kids in on the status of the red coloring debacle. The kids aren’t worried. According to Kameron, her patience level is not working out. Court received a box he has yet to open. This poor guy, he knew he’d take on the majority of this business venture. His initial investment produced red dog food, forcing him to throw in an additional $10k just to get it pink. The “mystery box” arrives and is it bubble gum pink? …well, is it? … kinda. Regardless, Kameron is making dog food history.

Deep outside of the Dallas zip codes, miles away from Highland Park is Plano, TX. – home to the Redmonds. Kameron takes a moment or two to parallel park and can’t stop talking about the commute. Some vintage Housewives music plays, it’s all very housewivey. Kameron and Brandi are supposed to work on their friendship. Not missing an opportunity, the red dog food mogul takes a moment to remind Brandi she served her guests drinks out of plastic cups at last week’s party. She ever so sweetly invites Brandi to her launch party. In her interview, she vocalizes her concern over Brandi possibly jeopardizing her “brand”…. In an overly edited sequence, we cut to Brandi saying she doesn’t want to have a stick up her ass like Kameron. Kameron perceives Brandi’s button pushing to be a possible girl crush. They both chalk up their differences to “believing in different things”. With the invite to the launch party comes instructions that Brandi needs to be on her best behavior. We’re talking Highland Park level behavior. To her dismay, sexual chocolate (the dildo) is not invited. Surprisingly, Brandi apologizes that Kameron would have to address the phallic figure.

It’s the day of The Sparkle Dog Launch Party and we’re told a compromise has been made. Apparently, focus groups weren’t happy with how the pink dog food came out of the other end and must be mixed with a little bit of brown kibble. Kameron seems okay with it, looking like a million bucks in her pink sequin dress as she oversees the set up. Court, can’t contain his excitement, standing in gym shorts calling it the most absurd thing he’s ever seen.  These two make an interesting pair.

Real Housewives of Dallas: The Nanny and the Confessor

BrandiLeeAnne and D’Andra drive over together. Brandi tells the two of her lunch with Kameron. LeeAnne fills D’Andra in on the Nanny secret that came to light at the white party. Brandi is still not over being called a liar by Cary. Relieved she missed the white party drama, D’Andra won’t get involved with the insinuation that Cary had an affair with Mark while he was married. She said she was accused of being a home wrecker and wants nothing to do with it.

The ladies of Highland Park arrive with their dogs. Kameron and some of the ladies try the pink dog food. (Is this a party faux pas?) Steph’s dog, Biscuit arrives and dog food is served upon silver trays. This is how you know you’re in the right zip code. Louis Vuitton Westcott arrives on a sparkle pillow, complete with sparklers behind him. Stephanie asks if Mariah Carey has entered the building! The whole thing is very Kameron and very strange according to Steph. During her speech, it’s Kameron’s turn to break out the note cards. We learn that “pink means power” and even though she’s blonde, it all came together (with a little help from her husband’s checkbook) and she’s proving to everybody that Sparkle Dog will be a success.

Across the party, sits a pet psychic. D’Andra is concerned that one of her dogs, Gypsy doesn’t follow her around the house. The Psychic leans in, Gypsy does love D’Andra, but just didn’t bond with her mom as a puppy. D’Andra draws similarities to Gypsy’s struggle to latch to her mother’s nipple to the relationship with her OWN mother. Breaking down, D’Andra describes her relationship as strictly business. It’s kind of sad when she says she wants a regular mother/daughter friendship – one not involving money or finances.

Real Housewives of Dallas: The Nanny and the Confessor

We learn of LeeAnne’s upcoming engagement party. Everyone is invited EXCEPT Cary and Mark. Apparently, LeeAnne’s fiancé Rich enjoys Cary and Mark for whatever reason and would like them to attend their celebration. Instead of talking to Cary, LeeAnne would rather just talk to the one househusband that creeps her out, Mark. LeeAnne corners Mark, but is surprisingly subdued – for LeeAnne. She outright says that she has an issue with liars and Mark asks her if she’s calling his wife a liar. Mark then asks her if she has told stories about him “soliciting men for favors”. Once again, LeeAnne owns it, confessing “Yes”. She clarifies that she said that after Cary told the girls that her fiancé has a small penis. Technically, her surgery was before Mexico – and so was the comment. LeeAnne says Rich really respects Mark, and in turn, he asks if she respects him. She says yes, despite calling him his practice a “chop shop”. LeeAnne doesn’t back down, telling the Doc that she said that it was in response to his wife calling her Doctor a vagina Doctor. Here we go again. Mark fires back saying it’s a fact. LeeAnne asks if it’s a fact that Brandi’s Doc killed a patient on the operating table. LeeAnne calls Mark’s wife a liar and agrees that she’s lied about Cary, owned it and apologized, while Cary has not.

Real Housewives of Dallas: The Nanny and the Confessor

At the bar, Stephanie encourages Cary to have a conversation with Brandi. Cary asks for someone to send Brandi over to talk to her. Weird. Anyway, Cary and Stephanie get up and walk over to Brandi. They cut off a waitress who looks at them pissed. Cary and Brandi end up right where they started – at the bar. Cary asks what she did that was SO BAD that Brandi had to bring up her scandalous nannying past – she cuts to the chase, telling the redhead to “cut the shi*”. Defusing the situation, Cary asks why it’s such a bad secret that she watched Mark’s kids. Brandi thinks Cary crossed the line by being that close to a family and felt like she was keeping a secret for her.  Cary writes it off as a job, and that she watched LOTS of plastic surgeon’s children because she was so trusted. She calls out Brandi for joining LeeAnne to trash her marriage. Brandi ultimately apologizes for talking trash about Cary in front of the whole group, feeling it should have been done in private. In private? She only said what she knew to hurt Cary, what would they have talked about in private? Despite feeling betrayed, Cary accepts Brandi’s apology and feels LeeAnne is once again the person behind it all.

Next Week: LeeAnne and Rich’s big engagement party kicks off. Stephanie can’t accept LeeAnne in Brandi’s life. D’Andra faces the big boss and the music over the missing L22. Brandi and LeeAnne argue over something LeeAnne did or didn’t say. And with that looks like the end of friendship we all saw coming.


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