Cary Deuber

Cary Deuber has a lot to say about last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. She admits she felt sad, defeated, and alone after Brandi-Land. “Love and trust – two qualities that I expect from my friends,” shares Cary. “Right now, I am not feeling either.”

About her talk with Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, Cary explains, “I was respectful and direct with beginning my explanation. However, LeeAnne [Locken] didn’t want for the FULL story or my apology to be heard at all. When she didn’t get a reaction out of me, that’s when the glass throwing happened … I think it’s true when people are put under pressure, their true selves are shown.”

“I was honest with Stephanie when I told her exactly what I said. I did say that ‘I didn’t know if I could be friends with them’ because I was so hurt in Mexico. I am sorry that I made that comment. I was very frustrated, and it all went back to the cave dinner in Mexico. I had no idea that these ladies had been talking about me behind my back, especially Brandi. I certainly wasn’t expecting a two-year-old conversation to be used against me when my intention was to help a friend who asked for advice. I just wish that Brandi had given me the opportunity to talk about her feelings one-on-one,” Cary shares in her Bravo blog. “See, LeeAnne has a knack for sabotaging friendships. Look at how she stopped Brandi from responding to Stephanie at Mark’s party. And here we go again — she would not let Brandi hear from me before throwing another tantrum. It’s getting old.”

Cary calls out LeeAnne‘s hypocrisy in calling Brandi and Stephanie puppets, then turning around and trying to manipulate Brandi into giving Stephanie an ultimatum. “These are strong women who have their own independent minds. I’ve only encouraged Stephanie to be confident in that strength. LeeAnne was calling me manipulative while she tried to manipulate Brandi! She gave Brandi the words to say to Stephanie about no longer being my friend.”

“The way my friend was behaving was not like her at all. This is why it was so important for me to sit with Brandi face to face and explain the truth. Yes, people, I watched Mark’s children when he was married. I also watched several other surgeons’ kids when they traveled. Why? Because I was hunting for a home to wreck? No, genius – I’m a responsible adult who happens to not only be a registered nurse but is also great with kids,” explains Cary. “Brandi knows this, and better yet, she knows me and that I would never do something like that. I truly appreciated her apology, and I’m glad to have avoided the trap of saying anything personal about her in retaliation. The only way that these things stop is being honest with each other. I’m happy Brandi and I have put this behind us.”

About LeeAnne‘s talk with Mark, Cary says, “Her selling me as a liar to my husband is just so odd. Actually, it’s ironic. Lie-Anne has a way of conveniently confusing the timeline. I was just as shocked as the rest of the world to see that Two-Face now lives in two realities where she has not been talking about my husband since last year. Mark confronted her about her lies, and she flipped the timeline! I mean, are we watching the same thing??

“Maybe we should break this into note cards, which she’s so fond of lately.”

“You talked about Mark ‘getting his d— sucked’ before we went to Mexico! I retaliated in Mexico by speaking negatively about Rich (which was STILL wrong). Now, she wanted to play the victim and acted like I started this? You started it, and you know it, Lie-Anne!”

“Did you call our practice a chop shop? She said that it was because ‘Cary said my doctor isn’t a plastic surgeon,’ so another yes?! Which one is a dirty insult, and which is a fact?”

“Are you making up lies about Mark? ‘I own it,’ so is that another yes?!”

Cary concludes that LeeAnne is not forgetful, but rather just a liar, and adds that the “real truth” will “finally” be revealed on this week’s episode.

Tonight is the Real Housewives of Dallas season finale. According to Bravo:

“It’s LeeAnne and Rich’s engagement party and everyone is coming, even LeeAnne’s mother, just in time to try and resolve a lifelong misunderstanding. D’Andra must face Dee and accept the consequences of failing to complete her new product on time. Cary and Stephanie try to make Brandi see the negative effect LeeAnne is having on her – the way LeeAnne has pitted all of them against each other. As Brandi begins to see the light, it sets the stage for a truly shocking turn of events that might spell destruction for this group of friends.”


Photo Credit: Peter Larsen/Bravo

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