Kelly & Meghan

Cat is out of the bag … and into Jim Edmonds? Rumors have always quietly swirled that when Meghan Edmonds started dating Jim, he was still married to his second wife Allison. Unfortunately, in a recent interview Kelly Dodd went ahead and gave credence to the allegations (everyone’s favorite word!) and straight-up accused Meghan of being Jim’s mistress! Um, so, when did these two start hating each other again?

So the backstory here is a bit deep: Jim was married to wife no 2, Allison, a (former?) good friend of Heather Dubrow’s. Allison was actually initially cast to be a Real Housewives Of Orange County, when she abruptly filed for divorce. Then a season later, Meghan quite literally took Allison’s place in all ways.

After Meghan accused Kelly of cheating on Michael this season, she should’ve predicted it was only a matter of time before that rumor-mill unleashed on her, courtesy of Kelly’s rabid and unchecked mouth. True or not, Kelly don’t play!

In a recent interview Kelly did just that. Referencing the cheating text war, Kelly sneered that it was “stupid” of Meghan to go there knowing the “rumors about your husband that are out there, that you know about.”

“It’s like, I don’t pinpoint her stuff out when she was having an affair with Jimmy when he was married to Allison,” Kelly told E! News. “I don’t put that stuff out there. Sorry, spilling the tea now.” Apparently Kelly felt she was at liberty to disclose this salacious detail since she and Meghan are no longer pals.

Thankfully for Meghan, or to save his own dignity, Jim came to his third wife’s defense.

“I am tired of listening to Kelly’s lies,” Jim seethed. “I think it’s ridiculous first of all and second of all, we have a family and to sit there and say that [Meghan] was my mistress is beyond crazy. This is the first time I’ve ever said anything to anyone but I just can’t deal with the bulls–t lies anymore.”

Interestingly Jim shared that his reason for defending Meghan is that “she has a baby and all this IVF stuff going on.” Is Meghan doing IVF again and trying for another baby?! Or is Jim just trying to be nice – for the first time ever – or as he puts it, “I’m just trying to do the right thing and protect my wife and my family. I’m not looking for publicity, I just can’t let my wife sit there and be killed…”

And since Jimmy Dad Jeans is on a gossipy roll, all slathered with mayo (a gossipy roll which we should all like to see more of!) he goes ahead and reminds us that Kelly is no opinion to be trusted. “Her relationship is completely a disaster. I think she should worry about her own damn self.”

Jim also insinuated Kelly may “pay some consequences” for her untrue accusations. “I just think that there should be repercussions for people who make up flat-out lies just to put themselves on TV because they have nothing better to say,” he explained. “I’m tired of her trying to make herself look better at the expense of everyone else.”

Of course Kelly wasn’t gonna let Jim’s comments go. “Ask his ex wife Alison!! He has kids all over the place give me a f–king break,” she tweeted.

Kelly Dodd Accuses Meghan Edmonds Of Being Jim’s Mistress; Jim Denies It!

She also included this lovely description of her feelings.

Kelly also declared that she ain’t scairt of lil ol Jimmy Edwards’s laaaaawyeer. “Well I will counter Sue for her bringing up lies!! Good luck with that!” she tweeted.

Lordy, do the lies in Orange County run deeper than the waters of a motel 6 baptismal pool containing Tamra! I obviously don’t know anything about when Meghan got up on Jim’s stolen bases, but their wedding took place less than a year after his divorce from Allison was finalized. I supposed, that what I’m saying here is, somebody’s lying – be it Kelly, or Meghan and Jim.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]