Kim starts an argument with Kenya

And so it begins. The feud between Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kenya Moore is officially off to the races! The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates have no love for one another, to be sure, and in her blog this week Kim explains her specific reasons for detesting Kenya. She also claims that being an “OG” of the show gives her a different perspective than most, and being back in the drama “felt like 2007 all over again.”

Clearing up matters on when she met Sheree Whitfield, Kim says, “I met Shereé 14 or 15 years ago through NeNe. NeNe and I went out for the night and ran into Shereé, and the rest is history — we’ve been friends since.” This stands in contrast to NeNe Leakes’ statement that Kim and Sheree only met during season one of filming RHOA. And speaking of feuds – check out NeNe and Kim’s twitter wars on this subject (and more) if you really want to roll around in the mud!

Despite not having seen most of the ladies since last year, Kim says she wasn’t nervous walking into NeNe’s party – red solo cup in hand! “I have 6 kids, and 3 of them are boys. It takes a little bit more than a white party with old friends in my old neighborhood (I lived there 14 years ago) to make me nervous. I’ve been through a lot of growing since the last time I was around these ladies, and I was more so just ready. Ready for the fun, the laughs, the drama, whatever. I’m aware of my surroundings more than ever, and my intuition keeps me far from nervous.”

Next, Kim explains why she thinks the “OGs” are different from the newer Housewives, and why she was pissed off at Kenya straight outta the gate. “We OGs were just different compared to the ladies now; we knew our lane, and we stayed in it. I did not have an attitude at all when going to NeNe’s home, aside from having an attitude with Kenya and only Kenya! Kenya came for me, my husband, etc. at Shereé’s housewarming party last year, and I was in shock. I didn’t know her, I hadn’t spoken to her in years, and the things she said didn’t sit well with me. This was the first time I had seen her since, and yes, the looks and the rolling of the eyes by the end of the night irritated me!”

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Despite NeNe’s house being un-airconditioned on a 103-degree day (!!!), the ladies pretended to cool off indoors – but the tea was piping hot! Kim explains in her blog, “Not much was going through my mind when Kenya was talking because she’s super ignorant, and I don’t process ignorance well. But when she started speaking about Brielle, Chrissy, John Legend, and ‘pimping my daughter,’ I heard the bitch loud and clear. I just saw red.”

Things heated up quickly when Marlo Hampton brought up Kenya’s marriage. “In all honesty, I assumed Kenya and I wouldn’t have any type of interaction that night, but when Marlo said the “congratulations on your marriage” bulls—, I couldn’t deal. I can admit that I don’t hold my tongue well these days, and I also just don’t like Kenya. I have no problem being the girl who says what everyone WON’T say — I’m just the girl to say it to you. So I did, and things went left.”

Kim defends, “Speaking about my children is OFF LIMITS. I also felt that her commenting ‘Why do you have such a hard on for me? Didn’t you get that cut off during your reassignment surgery?’ was extremely inappropriate and offensive to the trans community, in my opinion.”

Well, we already know that Kim and Kenya’s battling ends up in both of them not going on the RHOA cast trip this season, so it looks like this petty nonsense is just heating up. Ooh boy. There’s gonna be FIRE! (And maybe a firing?)


Photo Credit: Bravo