Danielle Staub Addresses Dolores Catania's Drug Accusations, Siggy Flicker's Hormone Pellets, & Love For Margaret Josephs

The drama escalated during the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Kim D made a cameo appearance to trash Teresa Giudice and promote her fashion show. The Teresa we used to know returned and she was screaming in a restaurant and chucking a glass. Just like old times!

Teresa couldn’t believe that Kim D was trashing her marriage (even though it’s a #TotalKimDMove) and she was miffed that Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker agreed to walk in the Posche fashion show. Now Teresa’s former nemesis-turned-bestie Danielle Staub has a lot to say about that and she’s calling out Siggy and Dolores on behalf of her girl Tre.

In an interview with toofab, Danielle admitted, “I was in shock! Complete shock. That they just bring it up so matter of fact that they’re walking in the fashion show.” She even said, “It felt like they were intentionally using their platform to hurt Teresa and Melissa [Gorga].” I highly doubt that. Anyone who wants to stay on this show knows better than to intentionally hurt Teresa. She is the queen of this show. It’s not like they could have just dropped out after people paid for tickets to see them and to support families whose loved ones were burned to death in a car. That wouldn’t have been right either. Nonetheless, the bigger issue here is the fact that they are friends with the eternal RHONJ nemesis Kim D, but that’s a very complicated issue. As a human being, I can see why Melissa and Teresa are irked by Kim. As a viewer, I will always be entertained by Kim D’s desperate shit stirring.

When asked about Teresa apologizing to Danielle’s daughters about everything that went down during the first two seasons of the show, Danielle said, “You’ll have to wait and see in the episodes coming up, but I can say this — everyone has begun the healing process.” We already saw it in the preview for the rest of the season. Teresa sits down with Danielle and her daughter to apologize. There is absolutely no suspense there. It happened.

Now that Danielle is the captain of #TeamTeresa, her biggest story line so far about a comment that Dolores supposedly made about Teresa “only caring about money.” Danielle said, “It’s unacceptable for a stranger to come to me, and I felt like she was trying to put a wedge between Teresa and I. The reasons she said it are a lot less important than the reasons she is denying it. I think everyone will see who is who by this season’s end.”

I just want to know why the camera crew wasn’t there to capture this conversation. I hate when the good stuff happens off camera. It’s very reminiscent of RHOBH Season 1 which centered around a comment that Kyle Richards made to Camille Grammer off camera about going to Hawaii for spring break without her husband. If that scene was filmed, it would have been a whole different season. If Danielle has proof, I want to see it. I’m over hearing the same conversation over and over again without any receipts. Let’s hope Danielle brought some evidence to the reunion. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear about this ever again. Let’s argue about something new.

Danielle and Dolores haven’t got along this entire season so it was only a matter of time before their beef included Siggy and Margaret Josephs via transference. Danielle was not at all pleased to see Margaret and Siggy getting along at that retreat and she made sure that everyone knew how she felt about that and warned Margaret.

Danielle explained, “Because we were going to the retreat, and all of a sudden she was wanting to cuddle with Margaret. I found it suspect. We get there, and all she did was talk about how Margaret affected her. She did to Margaret what she did to Melissa, only Melissa was at her home and Margaret was at a retreat. She uses her moment to continue to drive her point home. It’s only convenient for her at that moment. And when she’s done driving her point home, she is mad at the person again.”

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