Dolores Catania Was “Shocked” By The Anti-Semitic Controversy With Siggy Flicker & Margaret Josephs; Thinks Danielle Staub “Mocks And Antagonizes” Her

This Real Housewives of New Jersey trip in Milan took an unexpected turn when an(other) argument about Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania walking in the Posche fashion show got out of hand.

Siggy called out Margaret Josephs for referencing Hitler and accused her of being anti-Semitic. Danielle Staub felt excluded from the scene argument and dismissed so she threw a glass in the middle of her screaming match with Siggy. Worst of all, it looks like they left before anyone got to eat food at that Italian restaurant.

Dolores stopped by the clubhouse to talk about the explosive episode with Andy Cohen. He asked her if she was “surprised by the anti-Semitic remark?” Dolores told him, “Was I surprised? Yeah. I was shocked. It was not something I would say. When Margaret said that, I said, ‘I think you’re a very bright woman. You could have come up with something else. That’s just not something you say.'” Looking back at that moment, it is unclear if they are discussing the same thing. It sounds like Dolores is shocked that Margaret threw out the word “Hitler” and Andy was asking about Siggy’s interpretation that Margaret might be Anti-Semitic. Interestingly enough, and, a proud Jewish man himself, did not share his opinion on the issue. Maybe he did on the after show, he’s just trying to stay out of the fray, or he’s saving his feedback for reunion episodes. Either way, something tells me this isn’t the last time we will be hearing about this one.

A caller asked Dolores, “What is the real issue between you and Danielle? Why do you hate her so much? What’s going on between both of you?” Dolores claimed, “I embraced Danielle when I first met her although I heard many terrible things she’s done to people. She started something between me and Teresa [Giudice] that wasn’t true. She told Teresa I was talking about her very early into this whole relationship and I wasn’t. She antagonizes me and she mocks me about my relationship with Frank Catania.” I don’t know if Dolores “embraced” Danielle or the idea of her based on her confessional interviews, but Danielle definitely came for Dolores this season.

Another viewer wanted to know if Dolores‘ relationship with Caroline Manzo and her family influenced the way she feels about Danielle. Dolores just said, “No.” Andy asked, “You are still good buddies with Caroline and the crew, right?” She confirmed with “Yes.” She didn’t elaborate on either question, but it does make you wonder how Dolores’ ties with the Manzos factors into the Danielle and Dolores dynamic.

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Photo Credit: Bravo TV/WWHL