Scheana Marie & Robert Valletta Not “Friends With Benefits” Anymore; A Psychic Told Scheana “They’ve Been Together In Past Lives Before”

For the first time ever Scheana Marie is single- at least for now. She went from her marriage to Mike Shay to dating her long-time friend Rob Valletta, then they were friends with benefits, and now they are back to being just friends.

These are all updates from social media and interviews outside of Vanderpump Rules, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out during this season’s episodes. Scheana explained their complicated (non-romantic) relationship and even though she is actually single these days, she does seem hopeful that they will get back together.

Scheana told Us Weekly, ” You’ll see a lot of me with Rob on the show, probably not a lot outside of that, because we’re not together right now.” It sure seemed like they were together since they just attend the Season 6 premiere party for Vanderpump Rules and they even shared photos from the event, but Scheana clarified, “We’re just friends right now. We tried the friends with benefits thing, but it’s hard.”

Scheana said what we were all thinking: “I know. I’m still confused sometimes.” So are we, Scheana. We are all confused.

Scheana shared, “We’re still friends, we’re good, just timing-wise with where our careers are both at right now, it’s not a good time for a relationship, which we both agreed on. I’m moving to Vegas next week for four to six months.” So maybe they will find their footing again when Scheana needs a story line for Season 7 moves back to California.

She said, “He’s been in my life for like 12 years now.” I would love to see an accurate time line of when Scheana was with Shay and when she was with Rob. It just seems like the narrative is constantly changing. She’s with Shay for years, they got married (and broke up) on TV right after Scheana insisted to Lisa Vanderpump that she “still has butterflies when they kiss” during the penultimate episode of Season 5. Fast forward to the Season 6 premiere and Scheana is telling Lisa that being with Rob is “what she’s always wanted”- a very convenient change in the narrative there.

And listen to this one: “Apparently, I just found out from a psychic, that we’ve been together in past lives before. We have some karmic connection that keeps bringing us back together.” Shay, who?

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