Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave On Being A “Frugal Bitch”; Expected Erika Girardi To Be An Ice Queen

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is easing her way into Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills one famous father at a time, but dealing with Erika Girardi hasn’t been easy – in fact, so far it’s been downright icy! Teddi was anticipating this cool reaction, though.

Beginning on a positive: Teddi had a great time in Vegas with most of the girls. “The nightclub and the pool were great opportunities to get to know the women better. I could feel genuine friendships and connections were forming and was excited about it. But with Erika, I felt like I was trying too hard without much reciprocation.” 

Over gambling Teddi learned just how different she and Erika are. “I totally hold myself accountable for being a frugal bitch,” she explains. “Look, I know it sounds ludicrous given who my dad is, but I wasn’t handed a platinum card and shipped to Los Angeles to live the golden life. I struggled as an assistant at an agency and worked my ass off. I will never be that person who blows five thousand dollars at the casino just because I have it. If I wanted to gamble, I would have packed some Virginia Slims and never left the penny slots.” Uh… sounds fun?

However since she came out ahead – in more ways than one – Teddi is taking her winnings to “get myself some fancy pajamas for next time I’m gambling with Dorit and Erika (I must have missed the memo).”

Reiterating that she likes to “observe new people before really diving in, especially a group like these women with so much history and drama, ” Teddi explains why she hung back on the Ferris wheel. “It’s not really my place to comment on what happened in the past because, honestly, what the hell do I know? So on the High Roller, I just watched and took notes. Because I’m definitely gonna need them.”

Teddi was previously “warned” about Erika by Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley but insists, “I truly wanted to make my own assessment.” Even though Erika didn’t seem to give her a fair chance in exchange!

“There are times during our trip when I felt dismissed or that my business was being mocked. But I chalked that up to being the new girl and tried to get my insecurities in check,” asserts Teddi. “So when you finally see me try to engage in a meaningful discussion with Erika, whose situation with her father I have true compassion for and merely wanted to open a dialogue between us, I’m not surprised she shuts me down.”

“We see, from Lisa Vanderpump’s relaying of Erika’s text habits to my conversation with Dorit the next morning that Erika isn’t the most welcoming to newcomers, that I shouldn’t be too offended,” Teddi continued in her Bravo blog. “Maybe it was a bad day, maybe she just needs more time to thaw. At this point, I’ll pull back a bit but I won’t judge her solely on this interaction. Besides, she calls herself out as the ‘asshole’ in the situation— which I like to call ‘taking accountability.'”

Maybe everyone needs to just get over Erika, and then she’ll get over herself?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]