Kandi Burruss

Love her or hate her, Kim Zolciak sure knows how to amp up the drama whenever she appears on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is really doing the most to earn those “Friend of the Housewives” paychecks. She started this season arguing with Kenya Moore about her thirst for John Legend tickets at NeNe Leakes’ white party. During the last episode she had the nerve to tell Cynthia Bailey to “shut up and stay pretty.” Cynthia even hugged her after that, which I don’t understand.

But Kim’s most standout moment from that episode was when she talked shit about Kandi Burruss during a one-on-one conversation with Sheree Whitfield. She swore on her kids that Kandi wanted to “lick her box” after mentioning the threesomes that Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker are supposedly having all the time.  And now Kandi is coming back at Kim for her claims.

In a Bravo blog post, Kandi admitted, “I couldn’t believe the bullsh– I heard Kim say to Sheree. Kim is a f—ing liar. I have NEVER tried to make any sexual advance towards Kim. I am not attracted to Kim, and I never have been. I never have done anything to Kim that could even be taken the wrong way to make her think I wanted her.” Hand Kim a peach, she’s bringing a lot more drama to this season than anyone else in the cast. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing to straight up lie about someone on reality TV (if she actually did lie), but she’s definitely giving the viewers something to talk about- which cannot be said about most of the Kim-free episodes this season.

Kandi took a major shot at Kim with this remark: “She must not care much about her kids for her to swear on their lives while she was telling that lie.” She also said, “I am sick of women from this circle making up sh– about me. Stop it!” They definitely did clear up any elephants in the room during that last episode.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]