Kenya Moore & Cynthia Bailey Habitat For Humanity

If there’s one thing Kenya Moore does not like it’s Porsha accepting responsibility. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star threw a tantrum while in Houston on a charity trip, so Kenya is blaming her behavior on editing and claiming that, once again, Porsha Williams made her do it.

It’s no secret that Kenya had difficulty with production for hiding her marriage. After the episode Kenya took to Instagram, and accused “certain people” stirring up trouble and using charity for a storyline as the reason behind her outburst.  Hmmm… wonder who she’s alluding to?

Apparently Kenya’s antics while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity was simply her desperation to get a “special needs child and her mom” back into their home. Um, Kenya was there for one afternoon, I may remind you, and although every little bit helps, I didn’t see her delaying sexy times with her husband to stay longer to get that family’s home fixed. Anyway, I’ll let Krayonce tell her own tale…

“Thank you @cynthiabailey10 and @mal_bailey I know I was tough that day but you guys stayed focused,” Kenya’s post begins. “Getting that special needs child and her mom back into her home was our intent and not the Made for TV distractions thrown at us to make a positive situation negative to try to rehabilitate someone’s poor image.”

“Cameras never tell the FULL story,” Kenya continued, “@cynthiabailey10 is a true friend who NEVER blindly defends me. She is the toughest person I know and quick to put me in my place. She said I was being rude. She said ‘she didn’t see all that’. And FYI we all attended @porsha4real Last ‘event’ after gutting our house in 100 degree weather just before it ended.”

Kenya at least admits, “There is no excuse for me being rude to @shameamorton and we later talked at a more appropriate time. I appreciate her efforts.”

That’s where the civility officially ends and Kenya goes back to projecting blame! “But the nonsense at that table you didn’t see or hear is what I reacted to. Certain people chastising and criticizing Cynthia for not being at certain ‘events’ when NO ONE else would travel to support her. People forcing a reaction and a scene for camera time… that’s what I reacted to.”

“I’ll take this one on the chin and continue to stay focused and #staywoke,” Kenya concluded.

Why does Kenya keep mentioning Porsha’s event in “quotation marks,” as if it wasn’t a real event which we witnessed on TV. Second of all, why no thank you to Porsha for her donation? Thirdly, take your own advice to #StayWoke about your own behavior.

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