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Kenya Moore Is Throwing ALL The Shade About Porsha Williams, Kim Zolciak, Matt, Spinoffs, and RHOA Drama!

Kenya Moore recently opened up about everything that’s going on in her world – from her situation with Matt Jordan, to some crazy tea about what’s to come on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, to why she’s the new queen of RHOA, and what’s the deal with Porsha Williams!

Speaking to blogger Love B Scott, they go deep into the psychology of Matt, and how it compares to Kenya’s situation with her mom, plus why she thinks some Housewives have SERIOUSLY crossed the line this season! “Honesty is key and I learned that very early on. You cannot fake for the cameras,” advises Kenya. “The cameras will see whatever it is.”

On Kenya’s “shit-show with Matt“: (as termed by Love B Scott.), Bravo only found out about Matt’s behavior the first time he broke the Moore Manor garage window. She first experienced his anger in Mexico, when they were dating for over a year.


“There were some exes that had communicated with me when they first saw him on the show and said that he was a good guy, but he had this duality to him… And I just kind of ignored it because, for me, I need you to show me who you are, I don’t need to believe what other people say. And I was willing to give him a chance despite what exes said, because exes will say anything, right? But, I was concerned with the behavior and at some point I did question it…but I never got any real answers.”

Kenya is quick to clarify that none of her “real” exes (she doesn’t “claim Walter“) say anything bad about her! She gets angry at people saying her relationship with Matt was staged. “I’m so f–king tired of people with that old-ass joke, and those old-ass lines. I’m a beautiful woman – I’m not afraid to say it! – I’m intelligent, I’m accomplished, I’m f–king rich and I don’t need to pay a man to do shit – not even eat my pu$$y!” (OH. MY.)

“I have nine proposals, and I would’ve had 10 from Matt because the man was begging to marry me,” elaborates Kenya. “I don’t need to pretend and play – all that stuff came from Walter, the balding guy who had to use the spray for his hair, that I clocked for being a queen, OK! He retaliated by saying it was fake. And then Phaedra put something else on it by saying, ‘Oh, she paid him.'”

Of MattKenya believes, “He wants a reaction. To him that big, angry reaction – that’s love. But I’m not that girl. I know I’m very vocal. I can be aggressive when pushed on my show with these women, but with my relationships with men, I don’t do all that fighting. I’ve had nine proposals – I’m doing something right! People can say all day long ‘Well, she can’t keep a man…’ Well, bitch, I had 9 proposals – what part of not keep a man are you seeing?”

Kenya “wasn’t in love” with any of the 9, which is why she never said yes! “The one person I wanted to marry, never asked,” she adds.

Kenya posits that Matt suffers from mental illness. “You know what, honestly, I’ve never seen him do drugs. He doesn’t smoke. He doesn’t excessively drink. I can’t say [his anger] is from steroids because I don’t have any proof of that. …I see a good person there. I see an illness there too. I see him. I SEE him. I see him, but he has things that he’s battling, but I know it can be helped if he does what he’s supposed to do, which is get help. I have that thing in me, because of my mom and everyone else, that when I see it, I know that isn’t who you really are.” She and Matt do go to therapy together later this season.

She’s hurt by Matt’s accusations that their relationship was fake. “There was love there” insists Kenya. “You’re gonna win all day long being someone who was genuinely in love with me and has my back. But when you come for me and I got all my receipts? You’re gonna lose every time. I could deal with a lotta stuff, but the betrayal… I know what the truth is, he knows what the truth is. I stayed quiet – I gave him enough rope to hang himself.”

For Kenya to consider giving Matt another chance (and she says that’s very,very unlikely), “He’d have to admit to lying, admit to not being honest about what everything was. Have some real intense therapy for a while. I don’t think that it’s immaturity anymore. I think there are other things at play. I’ve seen too much and I know too much. And some things I will never say because I think that you have to draw a line some place — especially when you’ve ever had love for someone you’re gonna hold their deepest, darkest, secrets.”

Moving on, to the RHOA tea – she has a lot to say about Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leakes, Porsha, production and more.

On RHOA without NeNe, “The ratings speak for themselves,” quips Kenya. She takes “most of the credit” for last weeks’ high ratings because “people wanted to see what was going on with me and Matt.”

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“Listen, I can sit here and take all the credit, but of course I’m not going to do that – it is an ensemble show, but someone has to be a leader on a show like this, as NeNe was when she was on, and I quickly booted her off [laughs]. She had to give me her crown after I ran her off!”

“You’re gonna pull focus if you have a certain star appeal,” Kenya continues. “NeNe had star appeal. She was responsible for – partly responsible for – bringing the show to the elevation that it is now. She was amazing on the show.”

In fact, Kenya can’t believe NeNe left RHOA! “You would’ve had to drag me by my hair. I would’ve never left a show that I helped to build and I became the star of and I became the queen of. I would’ve never left my throne.”

On Porsha, Kenya has quite a different story!

Their friendship status hasn’t changed: “We’re the same as we’ve always been. We’re not friends – we’ve never been friends, we’ve never had anything in common,” describes Kenya.

Kenya says Porsha is boring and completely fake: “Every time she’s about to get fired she comes up with something crazy to save her job. Every single year. She’s like a roach! Like you’ll kill it and somehow it just pops back up again … It’s nothing organic in that though. I cannot respect it. The audience is smarter than that, but nobody calls her out on those things, whereas I’ve told an honest story since I’ve been on the show.” {UHHHHHH… Okay…}

She comments on the infamous RHOA reunion brawl, and reveals she brought the scepter to wave at NeNe, but maintains Porsha started drama with her to remain on the show, “She was looking for work because she doesn’t have any.”

Kenya weighs in on Kandi’s drama with Porsha this season, “They both have admitted that they’ve both kissed each other, but Kandi has said that [Porsha] was the aggressor,” says Kenya.

“[Porsha] went too far. She alleged certain things that Kandi and Todd did, and we were all disgusted because it was like, ‘Bitch we know you trying to keep your job…’ but you have gone too far when you star accusing people of illegal activity and trying to take advantage of you, and you’re hurting this girl’s brand with these lies – you need to stop,” Kenya states. “That’s when you need to just really get kicked off the show, because you don’t even know where any type of boundaries are. I try not to interfere with people’s jobs.”

“It’s just stupidity,” continues Kenya. “The stupidity that I can’t deal with on this show, like you paid someone to be your boyfriend… They go so far because they don’t have brands of their own, so they don’t know what it’s like to be protective, of at least, your business. I despise people that just don’t have any moral fiber; that this paycheck means everything to you. When you are a ‘Kandi,’ or you are ‘me’ – when you were ‘somebody’ before this show – you’ll be somebody after. The show did not make me.”

In new developments, Kenya hints that ol’ Wigs & Cigs is trying to come back and makes an appearance this season!

Kim left Housewives altogether. It was a choice. I mean her show works. Kim is good for TV, but why is she coming for my purse now?! She’s trying to get back on the show! She came for me for Sheree’s Housewarming, which was the finale. Cause obviously you know who to come for if you’re tryin’ to get a peach back!”

The drama started when Kim wrote “I hate that bitch” about Kenya on Carlos King‘s instagram. “I’ve always respected Kim. I’ve always given her love; always been nice to her. And she said ‘I hate that bitch!’ Really? I’m not talking about you!”

Even the shade assassin sometimes feels the shade goes too far, though! Kenya is upset over Sheree Whitfield‘s comment that Kenya’s mother doesn’t love her. “That was a low blow,” remarks Kenya (agreed!). “I’m shady in a funny way. I’m shady when you come for me, but I am not shady to the degree of cruelty. All of those girls have come to me on a level of [cruelty] — Phaedra talking about how I have ‘scrambled eggs’, you know, talking about how I have fertility issues as a woman. Who does that? And now Sheree, talking about [my mother] after I was vulnerable enough to show me walking up to her front door to get her to talk to me. And you wanna use that against me because I told the truth that your house wasn’t in your name and that it’s in your mother’s name? You wanna come for me and talk about my mother not wanting me?”

In random tidbits, Kenya talks money, a possible spinoff, and having children.

Kenya swears she’s a rich bitch: “I’m a baller on a budget. I love to invest money. I love to invest in real estate. I have great stock. I invested in Amazon a long time ago, before Amazon even got to be Amazon. I know where to put my money. I just love finding bargains. I could wear $20 items or $2,000 items.”

Kenya is planning get pregnant through IVF regardless of her relationship status, but plans to keep that private. In the “past two years” Kenya has had some “close calls” when she “thought it was happening [being pregnant] and then it didn’t.” Citing her age and the frequency of miscarriages with IVF, Kenya confesses, “I don’t think I’ll ever really share that on the show. I don’t think I can, because it’s so personal to me. You know how cruel some of these fans are, I just wouldn’t wanna share it with them. I’d probably be pushed to the hospital, on my way to deliver, like, ‘Oh no – I’m not pregnant!'” she laughs. (Isn’t that what Phaedra did too?)

Her dream of a possible spinoff: “I absolutely loved building Moore Manor,” gushes Kenya. “I would have my own show on HGTV flipping houses, or renovating houses. In fact I have some meetings about that, so fingers-crossed!”

You can listen to the whole interview here. It’s pretty interesting! She dishes on producer Carlos King, former RHOA star Kim Fields and more!


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