Margaret Josephs & Danielle Staub Sound Off On Kim DePaola, The Possibility Of Caroline Manzo & Jacqueline’s Return, & Foreclosure Rumors

Even though Season 8 of Real Housewives of New Jersey just ended, there is still a lot of shit to talk loose ends to wrap up. This is especially true since there are rumors that original cast members Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita might return to the show for Season 9.

If that does actually happen, how will that affect the rest of the cast? Will Danielle Staub remain a “Friend of the Housewives” or return to full-time status? New Jersey has never had more than five official Housewives in the cast, so it would be interesting to see who takes priority if either of those OG returns. The one thing that seems pretty solid is that the people want Margaret Josephs to return no matter what.

Margaret and Danielle did a combined interview for Grants Rants Hollywood Talk and they tackled every question that came their way. Right out of the gate, Margaret addressed the lawsuit talk. She admitted, “I had a very bad lawsuit which did come out on the show and they were attaching a lien onto my house. So that’s really what was coming out. So we are clearing out that lawsuit. It’s not in foreclosure. I’ll still be living here and everything else. Business lawsuits are very common. Copyright infringement is extremely common in our business and by her saying ‘She’s a thief,’ it’s nothing remotely like that. You can look up any reputable company and they’ve had numerous lawsuits.” Plus it feels like legal troubles a prerequisite for getting on Real Housewives of New Jersey at this point. It’s essentially a rite of passage and she’s in entertaining good company.

Flashing back to the Season 2 reunion, Danielle claimed, “I said goodbye at the reunion with all those long, awkward hugs. You don’t hug someone that long unless you’re looking at them like ‘please leave me the fuck alone. let go of me.’ I kept looking at Jacqueline and I hugged her again and I whispered in her ear and that’s what that was about. It was awkward for me too, but I was begging her, ‘Get rid of all this stuff you’re doing on Twitter and having your family do to me. Stop torturing my kids.’ That didn’t work so well, but look who’s here now, bitch.” Did Danielle really “quit” this show only to beg to return for years on social media? I find that hard to believe, but I do not doubt that she was talking shit in Jacqueline’s ear during those awkward hugs. I would love to see see Jacqueline and Danielle back on screen together again.

Looking ahead to Season 9, Danielle has some ideas about the cast. She said, “Because Teresa [Giudice] has repeated it so many times, it would be nice for she and I to be able to team up and bring one of our mutual nemeses back, which would probably be Caroline– who I must remind everybody is the same age as me. And you know Jacqueline with her four chins are invited as well.” This is what we need on this show: authentic feuding instead of virtual strangers going on trips together and grabbing lunch to recap the night before. Danielle added, “I think Melissa [Gorga] has problems with them as well.”

While Danielle is all for bringing back Jacqueline and Caroline, Margaret said, “I think we could use someone fun, new, and spunky. We don’t need to recycle anybody.” I don’t know about that. More often than not, a Housewife return really does deliver, but I do agree with this: “We need someone to come in and fit in organically.” Yes. No more randoms. This show used to be so good because they were all related or had decades long relationships. We need to get back to that.

Danielle addressed those accusations that Teresa made at the reunion about Kim D being a madame, or a “magdum” as Teresa said. Instead of shooting down the rumors, Danielle tried to provide some evidence to support Teresa’s theory. Danielle said, “She’s hanging out with children and young girls that are the same age as my daughters and yet that is her friend group. That to me doesn’t scream a woman who might be innocent of such an accusation that Teresa made. It’s interesting to me.”

Danielle continued to bash Kim D: “She really used me to get on the show and I knew that she was setting me up at the fashion show because when I got brought in, I wasn’t sitting at her table which is what she said she would do, even on camera she said this as part of the show. Instead, my nemeses at the time, Jacqueline and Teresa, were directly across from me while I’m there with all of my friends. I’m not with Kim D who I introduced to the whole group. Ironic, isn’t it that Siggy [Flicker] said this about Margaret all season, yet she’s hanging out with a girl that I introduced to the group?” Sure, but Kim D hung out with those girls for many seasons when Danielle wasn’t even on the show anymore, so that’s really not a parallel situation.

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[Photo Credit: Grant Rants]