Kim Zolciak Thinks Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast Met Up Before Reunion To Plan Their Attack Against Her; Discusses The Bug Video Brielle Biermann Filmed

I cannot be more excited for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion. Specifically, I just want to see Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes going at it over bugs, health problems, and handicap parking spaces. Sure, there has been other drama this season, but a NeNe vs. Kim showdown is classic RHOA. I am more than ready for it.

Kim got me even more pumped up for the reunion episodes when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. She discussed that infamous “roach” video, Kroy Biermann‘s chauffeur services, and even some reunion conspiracy theories.

Andy Cohen admitted to Kim, “I feel like if Kroy was my husband, I would want him to drive me.” Same, though. Kim told Andy, “Of course.”

And then the conversation turned serious. Andy asked, “Did NeNe deserve to be fired from the Xscape tour?” Kim pointed out, “I didn’t see a tear. Not one tear.” So obviously Kim was not buying NeNe’s remorse.

Andy asked the audience, “Do you think Kim uses Kroy as a crutch?” Andy started to say, “That’s what Kandi [Burruss] seemed to be so…” Kim cut him off and clarified, “I only filmed four scenes with Kandi, so she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.” So I guess that truce we saw during their lunch meetup did not last.

And then Kim backtracked and asked for a clarification of the issue at hand, asking, “A crutch is what though?” Andy explained, “Their accusation at you is because he’s outside, you don’t want to be with them, you have one foot out the door all the time.” Kim said, “That’s a lie. At the elephant room, Madame Cleo, whatever her name was, was a fraud, I didn’t believe in her. So I wasn’t into it. I was calling getting pizza and fries.” I do not blame Kim for that reaction at all.  That Elephant Room experience was a joke and a half.

The true elephant in the clubhouse was that “roach” video Brielle Biermann filmed that Kim sent to the rest of the cast. Kim explained, “Well, I think the video was made in good jest. Brielle knows I have a fear of bugs. She made the video and sent it to me personally. Brielle was out of it.”

She continued, “Brielle sent the video to me. I had the video in my phone. I was so mad when she said those things: accusing me of fake stroke, fake whatever. So I sent the video. I’m definitely not racist. I don’t associate roach whatever, spider whatever, in my mind. I heard it from several people. I hear you. That’s not where my head has ever been at.”

To break up all of the roach-infested drama, Kim was asked about the Housewives from other shows that she’s friends with. She answered, “I love Kyle Richards.” She also said, “I adore Lisa Vanderpump.” I would love to see Lisa and Kim in the same room. I can see it now: Kim showing up with her own solo cup, refusing to drink the LVP sangria.

And then Kim teased the reunion. Pretty much every Housewife hypes up the reunion drama once it’s filmed and they say the same things every season about how “intense” it was to film, but this time, I really believe it. Or at least I hope that Kim and NeNe lit the place up with their arguing. Kim remarked, “At the reunion, I feel like she was a different person.” Fellow guest Iggy Azalea asked, “Like a good person?” Kim told her, “No, sweetie.”

Kim added, “I’m still recovering from the reunion. It was definitely not fun at all.” Andy admitted, “I can’t hear still.” Then she dropped this bomb: “It was unbelievable. I just didn’t know that they had met up beforehand to kind of figure it out.” Andy asked, “Do you think they did?” Kim told him, “I know they did.”

This roach video has been discussed ad nauseum. Kim claimed, “Well, Brielle texted me the video because she was there so I wouldn’t go in there because I was mic’ed and make a big scene and embarrass NeNe. Brielle and NeNe had been friends for years. So it was Brielle’s way of saying ‘You’re a freak about bugs. Don’t go in there.’ I just had the video. It was months later when I sent it. You shouldn’t have bugs when you’re having a party.” She added, “I can see why people would see it that way, but call for an exterminator when you’re having a party.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo