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What Does Jax Taylor Think Of Lala Kent’s Man Randall Emmett?

Even though Lala Kent insists that her man Randall Emmett would never appear on Vanderpump Rules, he has been spending a lot of time with her costars. He’s brought them to Vegas, in that infamous private jet, of course. They’ve played poker together. It seems like he is becoming an integral part of the crew.

And now he met the self-proclaimed “number one guy in this group” Jax Taylor. So what does Jax think?

Jax had nothing but praise for Randall in this tweet: “Finally got to meet @lala_kent man on Saturday at his birthday party and I have to say the guy was so kind and went out of his way for everyone that night. Very refreshing in this town.” This makes me want to see him on the show even more than I already hoped for.

Lala shared a photo with Jax, Randall, other Vanderpump Rules cast members, and iconic rapper Warren G celebrating her man’s birthday, adding, “I had to post this. My cast members who I’m lucky enough to call friends, at my mans birthday, with Warren G. Doesn’t get any better.” The only way it could be better if it was filmed for the show.

Lala also responded to Jax’s complimentary tweet: “So happy you came out with baby girl @BNCartwright .”

Wow. It really is possible for everyone in this cast to get along. No matter what happens between them or how much shade is thrown, the Vanderpump Rules stars are always able to band together as a group – for the most part anyway. No one would have ever predicted that they would all be at Lala‘s boyfriend’s birthday party at this time last year, yet that just happened. This show and the constantly changing dynamics within the cast never fail to entertain me.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]