Erika Girardi real housewives of beverly hills

Unlike some rookie Housewives, Erika Jayne slayed her first season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On her second season, she went up against Dorit Kemsley over the never-ending pantygate story line and most of the viewers were on her side. During that same season, Erika also flipped out against her good friend Eileen Davidson for no discernible reason, which was not something most viewers could get behind.

This season, Erika made up with Dorit, but now she’s butting heads with new girl Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave at every turn. She snapped at Teddi when she innocently asked about her father. She snapped at Teddi for accusing her of having “pretend amnesia,” which is understandable, but her reaction was definitely over the top. Of course, there are many Erika fanatics, but the tides have definitely turned this season, at least a little bit. There are a lot of people siding with Teddi. So what did Erika think going into the Season 8 reunion?

In an interview with TooFab, Erika declared, “I fear nothing at that reunion.” That’s really not surprising. Does Erika ever emote fear? Not very often.

Erika explained why she wasn’t stressing before taping those episodes: “What difference does it make? It is what it is at this point.”

Erika insisted, “I am who I am and I know what I am and I know the truth.” Then let it out at the reunion. That’s what reunions are for. If we get a boring reunion on top of this already-boring season, I am going to be so annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I will watch every episode of it multiple times and live tweet my reactions, but I will still be so annoyed.

When Mrs. Girardi was asked about how she thinks she came across this season, Erika said, “No matter how it’s spun or used or written about or protested, I know the truth. I’m very firm in my beliefs.” But will she express those during the reunion? I guess we will find out soon enough.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]