Eva Marcille Calls Out Kenya Moore For Shading Her On Social Media

Unfortunately, Eva Marcille didn’t pop up on Real Housewives of Atlanta until later on in Season 10, so we didn’t really “get to know” her very well, but it seems like there’s a possibility that she will hold up a peach next season.

Eva didn’t have many moments on camera this year, but she does share some insight on NeNe Leakes’ past with Tyrone Gilliams and her dislike for Kenya Moore.

Eva joined the cast as a friend of NeNe’s. Of course she has NeNe’s back when it comes to all of the controversy surrounding NeNe’s connection to Sheree Whitfield’s imprisoned boyfriend Tyrone.

In an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcastEva explained, “NeNe is a comedian. Let’s be clear. She has a one-woman show, which you should know is absolutely hysterical, if you’ve never seen her. You should. She’s hilarious and what is so amazing about her is that she can poke fun at herself. It’s not that deep. She doesn’t take life that serious. She doesn’t take herself that serious. So people are making this super big deal about Tyrone and she’s like ‘Girl, it’s not that deep. OK, fine. I gave him head. Like whatever.'” That’s a lot more than NeNe originally revealed, but shout out to Tyrone for bringing the most interesting story lines to this show via collect call in a prison cell. He’s doing a lot more for this show than a majority of the paid cast members.

Interestingly enough, Eva admitted, “The thing that’s so funny is that I didn’t realize Tyrone was a real person. I am so out of the loop of everyone’s drama, so when they would say ‘Sheree’s calling Tyrone,’ I thought it was a code word for something else.” Perhaps the “pasta” of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Eva added, “So when they were like ‘She just talked to Tyrone,’ I was like ‘There’s a real Tyrone!?’  Yes, but we will not be seeing him on screen for 4+ years.

Eva didn’t get a ton of screen time this year, but she does insist, “As much as I attempt to incorporate love, light, and namaste in my daily movement , I can hold my own.” She added, “If there’s a little more spice than sugar, I’m ready for that too.”

Eva demonstrated that she can hold her own with the Atlanta Housewives when she uttered this shady statement: “I’m still trying to understand what everyone does for a living. ” She continued, “I still don’t get it. I know what some of them do for a living, but what everyone does, I am like…”

She was asked, “Who are you most confused about?”  Eva didn’t straight up answer that question, but it’s easy to read between the lines when it comes to her response.

Eva shared, “Well, I’ll tell you who I do know about. I know what NeNe does for a living. She has a SAG card. She has insurance because of SAG actually. So do I. I’m very clear on what Kandi [Burruss] does for a living. I’ve co-hosted and guest-hosted in replacement of Porsha [Williams] on Dish Nation, so I’m clear about what she does for a living. I actually share a business partner with Cynthia [Bailey], so I’m clear about what she does for a living. And the buck stops there.”

Out of the full-time cast members, the only two that Eva didn’t mention are Sheree and Kenya. Eva shared, “Well, I don’t really understand it. I know that Kenya thinks I am a TV model, which is hilarious because I don’t even know what the hell that means.”

She continued, “I haven’t gotten to know her, but she enjoys social media. And she enjoys talking about me, not so positively on social media, which isn’t really becoming of a lady of her age.” If Eva does end up securing a peach next season, it is safe to assume that we can look forward to some Eva vs. Kenya arguments.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]