Craig Conover & Austen Kroll Say That The Southern Charm Cast Bands Together To Support Kathryn Dennis Against Ashley Jacobs

It looks like Season 5 of Southern Charm is shaping up to be a comeback season for Kathryn Dennis. She finally has a solid group of girlfriends, she’s sober, and she’s really on the right track.

Not only that, but she has the least likable adversary of all time: her ex Thomas Ravenel’s current girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. If people weren’t rooting for Kathryn before, they sure are now. Ashley had the nerve to tell Kathryn that she was “just an egg donor” among other awful insults. If you’re not #TeamKathryn, then we are clearly not watching the same show.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kathryn’s costars Craig Conover and Austen Kroll stood up for her. Craig has always supported Kathryn, so it isn’t really surprising that he said: “She was always normal to me, but she’s not, like, this polarizing, negative person anymore.”

Craig even revealed that longtime Kathryn hater Patricia Altschul has even changed her tune. He shared, “Patricia, she doesn’t say mean stuff about Kathryn anymore.” Craig said, “She looks – not looks – she is the sane one.” And Ashley is the clear villain of the season- minus the off-camera scandals.

Austen compared his first season on the show to Ashley’s. He said, “Coming from someone who’s new to this friend group, you know, last year I had the approach of dipping my toe into the pond, not making, like, a cannonball.” He continued the metaphor and said, “Ashley just freaking cannonballs, and she’s splashing everybody”- especially Kathryn. Craig picked up where Austen left off and added, “She drove her car into the pool!” And this is what propels the cast to (finally) support Kathryn.

Craig shared, “There’s a lot of stuff that happens between Thomas’ new girlfriend, Ashley, and Kathryn where you’ll see, for the first time ever — which is wild — everyone actually comes to Kathryn’s defense and, obviously, we’re all on the same page for that.” FINALLY.

Austen even joked, “Ashley deflects a lot of the heat from us, Craig.” He continued, “The women stay a pretty tight-knit group this season, so once they found a new target that wasn’t us, I kinda feel like… feels like we got off the hook a little bit!” #TeamKathryn

Tonight is an all-new episode of Southern Charm! “Cameran plays the pregnancy waiting game while the rest of the gang prepares for a trip to Shep and Chelsea’s hometown, Hilton Head. Meanwhile, feuding exes, Craig and Naomie, attempt to act civil with the help of an old furry friend. Austen decides to rekindle his romance with Victoria, but fears Chelsea’s reaction. As Kathryn plans her son’s birthday, Thomas’ girlfriend gets sour from the invitation snub. Tensions flare at a beachfront argument, changing one relationship for good.”

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