Carole Radziwill Misses The Old Bethenny Frankel; Says Adam Kenworthy Watched Luann de Lesseps’ Son While She Was “Partying With Men”

There is no doubt about it: Carole Radziwill is not playing around this season on Real Housewives of New York. She is out for blood- specifically Bethenny Frankel’s.

Not only is Carole standing up to her former BFF during the episodes, but she is also eviscerating the self-proclaimed Queen B online every week when a new episode airs. The Season 10 reunion is going to be insane. Carole and Bethenny will be on opposite couches for the first time in a while and Carole has definitely earned that first chair next to Andy Cohen.

We still have a while to go until the Season 10 reunion, but Carole has plenty of insults to throw in Bethenny’s direction in her latest Bravo blog post. Carole really goes in on B. Again. Note to self: do not cross Carole Radziwill.

Carole began, “Sometimes I watch this show and I laugh from start to end, other times I watch with my eyes wide-shut; then there are times, like this week, when I’m just stunned at the mean and delusional behavior of one or another of the ladies.” Gee, who could she be talking about? I wonder…

And then she gets right to it: “I miss the old Bethenny — the one who didn’t take herself too seriously. She was always a master at self-promotion and quick to insult. But that Bethenny was also quick to see when she was wrong, or had overreacted and quick to say sorry. Sure from time to time, she makes fun of herself, but now it’s just so she can mock us too, or for more camera time. [eyeroll emoji].” On the bright side, this gives Carole a way more interesting storyline than talking about the marathon.

Carole continued, “We are all puzzled as to why Bethenny takes such glee in being a bitch. She says with pride, ‘I put the B in Berkshires’ and then smiles as she tells Sonja [Morgan], ‘I’m four for four!’ Yay!!” That definitely wasn’t a nice thing for her to say. Then again, there were so many other digs during the last episode that this one barely registered with me.

Carole continued to analyze her former pal. Carole remarked, “Even when she is doing something great – like raising money for charities – she can’t help but be mean. It’s as if doing a good deed gives her permission to behave badly. She screamed at Sonja when she learned Sonja only donated $150 to her cause; called Luann [de Lesseps] a loser for volunteering for the American Red Cross; called Adam [Kenworthy] an operator. She told so many people that I didn’t support her that it nearly got in the newspaper. (I donated $5,000. I asked friends for use of their private planes.) When I ran the marathon she sent me a balloon, a hat, and a bitchy text.” Again- note to self: do not cross Carole Radziwill. This woman knows how to dish out an insult.

Carole came at Bethenny– one remark at a time: “Nevertheless, she has made snide comments from the moment we started filming this way back in October. On last week’s episode she says we have nothing in common because I am husbandless (she is too), childless (she has one more child than I do) and jobless (we have the same job).”

Carole wrote, “Bethenny is nine for nine. Nine episodes, nine insults. Let’s try to put all that toothpaste back in the tube. I’d like to. Ramona [Singer] may not always be right but she was dead right in this episode. Does Bethenny seem like a woman who is supportive and uplifting to other women? She’s on this show to build her brand at everyone else’s expense. She put the ‘B’ in brand too.”

Carole cleared up Bethenny’s version of events:

“She is incapable of having a conversation where she isn’t in control of the entire narrative – her’s and everyone else’s – regardless of the truth. She lies about us over and over and over until even we sometimes believe it! Wait, was I traveling all summer with Tinsley [Mortimer]? In the show I actually look like I am entertaining that as something other than more of Bethenny’s propaganda. Wait a minute, I spent more time with Bethenny last summer than I spent with Tinsley.  Wait, I was in LA most of the summer helping my friend whose husband had died. Wait, Tinsley was traveling all summer with her boyfriend. That all happened right?  Yes, those are the facts of last summer. And I have the receipts to prove it. Thanks to my Twitter fans for that new phrase! Bethenny should give a master class in gaslighting.”

Carole still had more to say about Bethenny’s criticisms and she threw Bethenny’s remarks right back at her:

“— It is absurd to say I am interested in hair when she is always wearing clip in hair weaves.

— It is absurd to say I care about my clothes when she is literally obsessed with mine, with hers, and also has a stylist on her payroll.

— It is absurd to say I act like a seven year old when she is shoving herself into elf pajamas and rolling around on the floor naked to get attention. That is literally what 4-year olds do.

— And ladies and gentleman, you all know what I’m going to say next, it is absurd to say I’m interested in selfies when literally every waking moment of her life is plastered all over social media.

And that’s all great – you do you, boo – but the hypocrisy is mind-bending.”

Bethenny wasn’t the only one Carole slammed. She also had some choice words for her frienemy Luann. Carole wrote, “P.S. I do feel sorry for Luann, she is careening from this dinner toward a jail cell. Sure she was drunk and belligerent about Adam – none of it was true – not to mention she randomly demeans all those folks who live in the Mid-west. But still I’m surprised she said anything at all.”

Then Carole spilled some major tea: “Since spending the last three years with Adam; I know a lot about her carousing and have never spoken of it. Adam not only cooked for her (for nearly nothing) but he played babysitter for her teenage son when she spent nights out partying with men. So play nice Luann. Karma can be a swift bitch.” Damn. Carole is very present this season. It’s about time, but here she is.

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