90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season Two Premieres Tonight!

Gather your hairballs, shine up your appreciation rings, and dust off that Filipino Cupid account – this is not a drill! 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days is back for another season of love, heartbreak, and a little scamming thrown in for good measure. And we all get a front seat tonight for the long-awaited premiere!

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé universe is ever-expanding, but as all loyal viewers of the franchise know, Before The 90 Days became a fan favorite last year in its debut season as it followed love struck Americans abroad to meet the foreigners who hacked their accounts wooed them. In its second season, Before The 90 Days will follow five brand new couples searching for love in other countries, plus catch up with two familiar couples to see how their stories continue to unfold/unravel/unhinge.

Here’s the roster, in no particular order of catastrophic potential. (Let’s just assume they’re all capable of serving up the raging hot dumpster fire of drama we’ve come to know and love from our TLC casts…)

Paul (34, Kentucky) and Karine (21, Brazil) are back to communicate through translator apps, swim in full body condoms, and creep us out while lying on beds absolutely FILLED TO CAPACITY with stuffed animals.

Darcey (42, Connecticut) and Jesse (24, Amsterdam) meet on American soil this season after spending a tense period of months apart, during which they fought like tweens on social media and questioned their relationship daily. Should be a stellar reunion of soulmates.

Angela (52, Georgia) and Michael (30, Nigeria) met the good old fashioned way: when Michael catfished reach out to Angela on social media, then quickly professed his undying love to a woman 20 years his senior. Angela, whose friends and family see red flags everywhere with her plans to propose to her Nigerian “prince,” is dead set on proving everyone wrong.

Rachel (33, New Mexico) and Jon (34, England) connected while singing together on internet karaoke apps. During their courtship, Rachel became pregnant with another man’s child, but Jon stood by her side. Now Rachel plans on traveling to England to meet the love of her life, and the man who she considers the “real” father figure to her baby. Oh – Jon may or may not be a violent criminal. Stay tuned!

Ricky (33, Ohio) and Melissa (28, Colombia) might be the saddest story of all because, you guys, Ricky is just…not all there. He’s a twice-divorced father of two who thinks he found love while video chatting with a Colombian “model” who, honestly, might not even be a real person. And yes, Ricky’s been sending this fictional woman money every month since he met her, and plans on traveling to Colombia to propose. Ricky’s friends are worried, and for good reason. #SaveRicky

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Tarik (43, Virginia) and Hazel (25, Philippines) are another star-crossed pair who everyone in Tarik’s life is side eyeing. Tarik, who is a sweet single father to a daughter with autism, thinks Hazel is “the one,” but his family thinks he’s being played. This season, Tarik will travel to the Philippines to see if his dream girl is real.

Marta (30, Wisconsin) and Daya (26, Algeria) round out our cast, and ratchet the drama up to a whole new level. Why? Well, Marta is a stripper, and Daya is a strict Muslim man who doesn’t speak any English, and whose family will BLOW A GASKET when they find out what his future bride does for a living.

Once again, a slow clap goes out to 90 Day Fiancé casting, who are obviously reality TV geniuses. This is gonna be a RIDE, ya’ll. Join us in the comments section for a live viewing party of the premiere tonight!


Photo Credit: TLC