Orange County Housewife Emily Simpson Thinks Vicki Gunvalson Made The Worst First Impression; Says Tamra Judge Is The Biggest Pot Stirrer

At this point, Emily Simpson has not had to deal with any drama on Real Housewives of Orange County. She will eventually though. For now the new cast member just has opinions on the controversies involving her costars.

Even so she did just get to a major Bravolebrity milestone: her first appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

The biggest storyline so far this season is Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd’s feud. Vicki secretly set up Kelly’s ex-husband with one of her friends, went on double dates with them, and purposely kept the dates a secret from Kelly. It seems like every single person is on Kelly’s side and Emily is one of those people.

Andy Cohen asked Emily, “Would you forgive Vicki if you were Kelly?”Emily immediately shook her head and then she told him, “I am team Kelly on this. They were good friends. If I found out one of my really good friends was setting up [husband] Shane [Simpson] and going on double dates, I would be pissed.” As would anyone.

Since Emily doesn’t have any Housewife drama of her own this early in the season, Andy just asked her some standard questions. She explained why she wanted to be a Real Housewife: “I felt like it was a good time in my life. I was 42. I just felt like it was a good opportunity and a good challenge. I knew it was going to be a challenge. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. It was a journey I wanted to go on.”

She told Andy, “There are days when I love it and there are days where I wonder ‘What the hell did I get myself into?'” She also said that her husband Shane “has the same days where he’s like ‘It’s OK.’ Other days he’s like ‘I can’t believe we signed up for it. It’s ridiculous.”

It finally got interesting (i.e. a little shady) when a viewer asked about Emily’s first impression of Shannon Beador. She revealed, “Actually I felt my first impression of her was good. I felt we had a lot in common. I thought we were going to be like best friends, but yeah, no.” Does that mean there’s some drama in store for the two of them.

New Orange County Housewife Emily Simpson Dishes On Rift With Tamra Judge

Another fan asked, “Who out of the group stirs up the most unnecessary drama?” Emily answered, “Tamra definitely is the drama stirrer. She brings everything up to the surface.” That’s been the case ever since Tamra joined the show and for the most part  the viewers are very grateful for that.

Emily was asked to name the cast member who made the worst first impression and her answer is not-at-all surprising. She said, “It would have to be Vicki because the first time I met her was that night at dinner at the Farmhouse when she and Kelly had the whole issue with her setting up Kelly’s ex-husband. That was my first impression of Vicki.” That is far from making a good first impression.