Dorinda Medley Describes RHONY Season 10 Reunion As “Very Emotional”; Shares Where She Stands With Bethenny Frankel, Luann de Lesseps, & Sonja Morgan

Unfortunately, all good things really do come to an end. Season 10 of Real Housewives of New York is almost over. The finale episode is on Wednesday and then we just have the reunion episodes sans Luann de Lesseps– who was in rehab at the time of filming.

They finally got the cast right on this show. There is absolutely no filler. Every single one of these women has some sort of intra-cast conflict. Dorinda Medley got into it with Sonja Morgan over a family crest on shoe after having a heated debate about divorce vs. the death of a spouse. Luann came at Dorinda after seasons of Dorinda defending her relationship with Tom D’Agostino. And then there’s some sort of beef with Bethenny Frankel that even Dorinda doesn’t seem to comprehend. Needless to say, there was a lot to discuss at the Season 10 reunion taping, even with Luann’s absence. How many episodes will it end up being?

Dorinda reflected on Season 10 of RHONY during a recent episode of the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast. Danny Pellegrino asked Dorinda, “As the season is winding down, do you feel a sense of relief?”

The New York Housewife admitted, “I think you always feel that when it comes to an end. You know it’s a long season.” She elaborated, “It’s very intense. You go in there thinking one way and it always ends a totally different way. You never know the things that are gonna happen.”

After such an “intense” season, filming the reunion had to be difficult. Dorinda described the reunion by saying, “I think that it was very emotional and… there was a tenseness about it. I was physically exhausted when it was over. I actually felt like I went to work out afterwards. My body hurt.” Dorinda added, “In the old days I would have gone to the reunion and went out afterwards and slept all day. Instead, I went to dinner, went home, and I was back in the gym the morning.” Not only that, but it’s probably tough to turn up immediately after the news that a costar returned to rehab.

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Getting into specific cast dynamics, Danny told Dorinda, “You and Bethenny seem to be on kind of a rough track this season. How are you guys now?” Dorinda seemed pretty surprised by his assessment since she answered, “You think we are? I don’t see that. I mean I’ve never had an argument with Bethenny.” She insisted, “I’m perfectly fine. We don’t even have an argument. I don’t even say a bad word if you look at all my confessionals.”

And of course, a conversation about Bethenny automatically leads to a conversation about her close-friend-turned-rival Carole Radziwill. Even though it’s obvious that Dorinda is closer with Carole these days, she still insisted, “I’m not a ‘team’ anything. I have different friendships and unique friendships with each girl. I have a lot of one-on-one.”

Dorinda explained, “I started hanging out a little bit more with Carole. She started hanging out a little bit more with Sonja. That just happens in the seasons. The relationships shift all around.” And they really did this season. Bethenny and Carole went from not having one on-camera fight to shading each other episode after episode this season.

Dorinda continued, “I hate to be this person, but I don’t like to comment on other peoples relationships. It’s really between them. I think it’s something that they just have to sort out and deal with. I don’t like to be stuck in between other people’s relationships. I mean I have enough going on with my own relationships.” She also pointed out, “Remember they were very, very, very close. It’s a much deeper dynamic than even the show.” Fair enough.

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Even though Dorinda has had her fair share of arguments this season, she doesn’t seem to have any animosity toward her costars. When she was asked about Sonja, Dorinda shared, “I saw her about a week ago and it was perfectly fine. I never understand at the end of the day why we just don’t get along. I think that she- on some level- feels the same way.” She confessed, “Sonja and I trigger for each other and I can’t figure it out.”

There has been tension between Dorinda and Sonja for a while, but no one expected Dorinda and Luann to go at it. Dorinda was a bridesmaid in Luann’s wedding and she was the only current cast member even invited. She has always gone to bat for the former countess… until this season when they started arguing with each other.

Dorinda said, “I’ve known her for a very long time and we’ve gone through a lot together. As you saw in seasons past, I was really on her side throughout the whole Tom thing.” She downplayed the tension between them and explained, “I think people get freaked out when people take a pause from people. I think sometimes it’s helpful.” That and being contractually obligated to interact when they film this show. They will have to talk at some point in the near future when Season 11 starts filming, right?


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