Brandi confronts Kameron and LeeAnne
During the last episode of Real Housewives of Dallas, we found out that LeeAnne Locken talked to Cary Deuber about D’Andra Simmons’ finances off camera. This was because of the (seemingly staged) conversation Cary and D’Andra had on camera.
Then D’Andra had another on-camera conversation with the entire Real Housewives of Dallas cast about having $200 in “one of her bank accounts.” Why would Cary and D’Andra bring this up on camera if they wanted to keep it private? Are they just trying to “keep it real” and show the viewers everything that was going on at that time? Or is it for the sake of a storyline? The jury is still out on that one.

Meanwhile, Kameron Westcott could not fathom the thought of D’Andra “only having $200” in her account. She even wondered if this was just D’Andra’s “Starbucks account.” Is that even a thing? I have no idea, but apparently, it is.
Kameron shared her insight on the situation in a Bravo blog post. She admitted, “I totally get where D’Andra is coming from. She is right, the Dallas women’s scene puts you under constant scrutiny and she has been part of it her whole life.”
Kameron wrote, “I have an extremely hard time believing that D’Andra only has $200 in her bank account. I don’t know how anyone would believe this…but I told D’Andra regardless that I will always be there for her no matter what and I will always be a supportive friend.”
Then she said what plenty of viewers were thinking while watching the episode: “I also don’t understand why she would expose this private information of hers in front of all the ladies? It actually makes the situation even worse now.” Yes, it does.
 Now D’Andra is going to be asked about her bank account at the reunion, in interviews, on social media, and possibly in real life. Maybe she was just so emotional at the time that she didn’t think about the repercussions of bringing this up on camera. Or maybe, just maybe, she thought it would make a solid storyline.
Kameron shared, “I was not aware of any of it but I am now. Money though does not define a friendship and it certainly would never define ours. In fact, I have many friends in my life that are from all different walks of life. I judge a friendship by a person’s character and love…not by how many handbags are in their closet.” If anything, financial strain has become a Real Housewives rite of passage.
Then the episode took a turn from “concern” D’Andra’s finances to “concern” over D’Andra’s friendship with Brandi Redmond.
Kameron explained, “Brandi is upset because I voiced concern that she ‘may’ be the reason D’Andra is having a bit of a midlife crisis and acting outside her normal character.” As a viewer (and friend in my head), I’m all for this version of D’Andra and the fun side that Brandi brings out in her personality.
Nevertheless, Kameron continued, “I love Brandi but she definitely is a bit wilder than the groups of women D’Andra and I have been involved with and I wondered if she was influencing D’Andra to potentially drink more and influenced her to partake in wilder activities than the D’Andra I used to know.” Again, I’m totally on board with this. It’s not as if D’Andra is out of control by any means. She’s just more fun than she seemed to be last season and I’m very much here for it.
Kameron concluded, “I was not trying to judge Brandi for being a bad person, (by all means Brandi has a great heart and is beyond fun). I just thought her anything-goes motto was wearing off on D’Andra and was causing her to do some things she may regret in the future.”
[Photo Credit: Bravo]