Melissa Gorga Dishes On Super Fan Who Stole Her Phone, New Housewives Jennifer Aydin & Jackie Goldschneider; Wants Caroline Manzo Back On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Is It November 7 yet? We are just under a month until Real Housewives of New Jersey returns for Season 9. That means that the Housewives will be teasing their storylines and throwing shade to promote the new episodes.

Melissa Gorga shared a story of a super fan who went way too far with her love for her. She also teased that the new Housewives Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider “have complete opposite personalities” and are in “two different groups,” which pretty much hints that the cast itself will be divided into two different groups.

Melissa appeared on a recent episode of The Talking Queens podcast to dish on Season 9. When asked about the trailer, Melissa theorized, “I feel like somebody purposely leaked it. That’s what I think.” She concluded, “Something shady was going on there.” Maybe it was just so good that someone just felt like the public had to see it.

Later in the podcast, Melissa shared, “I think you guys are going to love this season. All I know is that Andy Cohen has been texting me also telling me it’s the best one he’s seen in years. He’s very impressed this season. I was just at Bravo the other day and they were like ‘this is probably the best one we’ve had in a really long time.’ So everyone is super excited for Season 9.” YES.

One person who is sure to love Season 9 is Melissa’s unnamed super fan. She was asked if she’s ever be frightened by a fan and then she revealed a pretty disturbing story. Melissa revealed, “I had one that used to come around a lot when I first came on the show and she would be at every appearance. I’m super sweet and sometimes I’m overly sweet. If I see that you love me and you’re genuine, I let you in a little bit. So I would let her come behind the rope sometimes. She would always be there by herself. I would let her in the back door because she was just always standing there waiting for me to show up.”

Then things went awry. Melissa continued, “To make a long story short, I kept letting her stand where I would stand: behind the ropes with my friends because she was just so loyal. She eventually took my phone, stole my phone number out of it, and called my house phone at three o’clock in the morning and said ‘Don’t you remember you gave me your phone number?’ And I said ‘You crazy son of a bitch. Don’t you ever.'” She maintained, “I didn’t give her my number.” She also revealed that the fan asked to use Melissa’s phone during an appearance and used it to call her own number so she could save Melissa’s contact information. Yikes.

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That’s definitely a downside of being “On Display.” Melissa concluded, “So that was scary and I learned real fast that you have to be careful. I want to be nice and I want to do the right thing and that’s who I am.”

As far as the upcoming season goes, Melissa maintains that she does not have any regrets. She explained, “I feel like I had all legit feelings and everything I said was legit and I still kind of feel like I’m right.” She admitted, “So it’s hard for me to take shit back because I’m right.” Overall, Melissa actually does have one regret from her Real Housewives of New Jersey experience. She confessed, “I hated when I was on my knees begging Teresa [Giudice] in that big castle in upstate New York to ‘stop hurting us!’ Although I meant it. It was dramatic.” Such an iconic era. That feels like a whole lifetime ago.

She wouldn’t name names when it comes to the new girls, but she did indicate that Jackie and Jennifer’s presence will make an impact on the cast dynamic. Melissa shared, “I do think for our show, they are excellent. They really are a perfect mix. The two new Housewives are complete opposites in personality. Legit opposite personalities. They are nothing alike at all, which makes it so perfect because you’re getting a mix of two totally different people.”

She teased, “One is going to vibe more with this crew and one is going to vibe a little more with this crew. I don’t want to give it away who’s going to go where, but they’re definitely divided. They blend in with two different groups. Let’s put it that way.”

And again, I can’t help reading that as the cast is split into two groups overall. Based on Instagram posts and the Season 9 trailer, it looks like Jackie gets along with Margaret Josephs and Melissa while she is at odds with Teresa Giudice at some point, calling her out about her imprisoned husband and her own jail stint in the trailer. Jennifer and Margaret argue with each other several times in the trailer. So it’s not all out there, but some the general dynamic among the women seems to be pretty public.

Who’s the person that Melissa misses from the show? She answered, “Caroline Manzo. I liked her. I thought she brought a little ‘the don’ to the show. I liked her. I like Caroline. I would go with Caroline.” That answer would not sit well with her sister-in-law Teresa, but it would make for some great TV to see the to OG’ cast members go at it.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]