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Vicki Gunvalson Thinks Kelly Dodd Is Trying To Be Relevant, Is Not Happy, & Wants Attention

When Kelly Dodd joined Real Housewives of Orange County, she quickly became Vicki Gunvalson’s sole friend in the cast. This season, that could not be further from the truth. After Vicki and her man Steve Lodge went on secretive double dates with Kelly’s ex Michael Dodd after setting him up with a friend, Kelly was (understandably) upset with Vicki for breaking girl code.

Sure, they “made up,” but the tension has been thick between the two of them ever since. Watching the show back and commenting on their past arguments in interviews and on social media definitely hasn’t helped the situation. Nowadays it’s clear that these two are not on speaking terms and they are bound to be arguing with each other on opposite couches when they tape the reunion.

Vicki had a lot to say about Kelly during her recent appearance on Bravo’s The Daily Dish Podcast. At first she discussed the negativity (and rumors) surrounding her relationship with Steve. She just chalked it up to, “This is typical Kelly, typical Shannon [Beador], typical Tamra [Judge]. I know what I have and that’s it.” So are all three of them wrong? Or is this a case of where there’s smoke, there’s fire… or at the very least a teeny flame?

Vicki insisted, “I know the truth.” Then she claimed, “We’re happy and Kelly’s not happy. She’s not in a good place in her life and I wish she was because she was married with Michael, even though she wasn’t happily married, she was a different Kelly. Now she is just literally, I don’t know who she is.”

Vicki continued, “She’s very extreme with her emotions. You can tell by every scene. She’s yelling or being rude to somebody”- these have actually been some of the best scenes this season. So keep on yelling, Kelly.

The OG of the OC claimed, “If you’re friends with somebody you want the best for them. I want the best for all my friends. I don’t want to go after any of them, stating something that may or may not be true. Let’s just film a good show. Be inspirational. Let’s have fun.” Let’s “be inspirational”? Does she not know what show she’s on? If no one went after anyone then they would not be in Season 13 right now.

Vicki insisted, “How does she know what my net worth is and what Steve’s net worth is? We don’t talk about money. It’s not important to us.” Really? Isn’t Vicki the one who’s constantly talking about her job and making money?

 Vicki Gunvalson Claims Kelly Dodd Has Completely Changed Since She Divorced Michael

She feigned clueless, saying, “Kelly’s mad at me for some reason. I think she’s just trying to get attention, even though it’s not good attention. I just wish she would settle down and be kind. I don’t know what her motive is. I haven’t figured it out yet. I haven’t called her to ask her, but I have to believe she’s trying to stay relevant and trying to just cause problems for really no reason.” These two have been publicly talking shit about each other for months. How does Vicki have no idea what Kelly has against her? She has been very loud and clear with her grievances. Not only that but Kelly is not “trying to stay relevant.” Kelly IS relevant.

Then Vicki theorized, “I have to believe that Kelly didn’t want us to be close to Michael because she didn’t want us to know all that went down in their marriage. It’s sad. I wanted them to stay together.” When did Vicki become such an anti-divorce crusader? This is becoming a little much.

She even hypothesized, “Michael really loved and cared for Kelly. I think he still does and I think she still does.” Says the same woman who has mentioned (numerous times) this season how she wishes she tried more to stay in her marriage, even though she’s in a committed relationship with Steve.


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