Kelly Dodd Thinks Steve Lodge Is “Loving The Limelight”; Declares Ex-Husband Michael Still Has Her Back

It seemed like it was out of left field when Kelly Dodd accused Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Steve Lodge of being with her for money. Steve has always seemed like a standup guy, especially in comparison to other men Vicki has dated. Nevertheless, Kelly still insists that Steve is not with Vicki for the right reasons.

Kelly accused Vicki of convincing Steve to spread lies about her in the press. On top of that, Steve and Vicki were going on secretive double dates with Kelly’s ex-husband Michael Dodd and a woman that Vicki introduced him to. Needless to say, Steve is on Kelly’s shit list and so is Vicki.

Kelly explained the origin of the Steve accusations during an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish Podcast. She revealed, “My friend Frank, not Frank the milkman, but my other friend Frank, ended up getting sloppy seconds from Steve’s ex-girlfriend. So Steve’s ex-girlfriend is good friends with Steve and that’s how I got the information.” Clearly they are not “good friends,” since this woman is talking shit about Steve.

Then Kelly was asked about Vicki and Steve’s brief breakup. Kelly claimed, “He was a dick to her. I was like in Chicago with her and I ended going to Cabo with her.”

Kelly continued, “He sounded like a spoiled little brat and last year when I was friends with them he was like ‘I don’t want to film. I’m not getting paid.'”

Kelly deduced, “Now he looks like he’s loving the limelight. He’s on cameo. He’s like ‘I’m not on social media.’ Bull shit.” She even pointed out, “He’s on Cameo. He’s making money yo.” Steve does not want to be associated with the show, yet he’s down to record video shout outs for cash?

Kelly added, “She’s got him on all kinds of stuff getting paid.” Kelly also remarked, “She’s got him going to work.”

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Considering everything Kelly said in this interview about Vicki, it’s safe to assume that they are not best friends these days. She revealed, “We ended the season fine.” Then she explained, “When the show airs again, you kind of rehash everything and you get mad. It’s bizarre because you end up getting in fights with each other all over again and it happened months ago. So we got kind of into it. I don’t really talk to her. She’s mad at me, which is so funny. I don’t care.” Neither do I. This podcast would have been so boring if Kelly and Vicki were on good terms. Keep on talking shit, girl.

Since Kelly is at odds with Steve and Vicki, it would probably upset her if her ex Michael was still close with them. She was asked, “Did you tell Michael not to hang out with Vicki and Steve?” Kelly answered, “No I didn’t, actually. Michael always has my back and he will always stick up for me.”

She continued, “Michael loves me and Michael is dependable. He’s reliable and he’s my family. He always has my back. No matter what. He might throw little fits and things like that, but he loves me. If anybody treats me bad, he will ice them out.” Unless this person has a friend to set him up with? Or maybe he’s just learned his lesson from that double date fiasco.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]