D’Andra Simmons Thinks LeeAnne Locken Is “Nasty & Premeditated”

It is so tough watching D’Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken’s friendship fall apart on Real Housewives of Dallas. It is clearly more than just a rough patch or a storyline for the show. The former real-life best friends are still at odds months after filming wrapped and watching these episodes is not going to patch up their relationship.

Will these two ever get back to the way they were? Not at this rate. It does not seem like the “she said, she said” game will ever stop.

D’Andra shared her perspective on the last episode in a Bravo blog post. She insisted, “I was never trying to look for something negative in LeeAnne’s relationship with Rich [Emberlin] at all. I was trying to help since nothing had progressed in two years and rumors were starting to make their way to even me!”

D’Andra admitted, “However, I do take great offense at what LeeAnne told Rich about Brandi Redmond and me being drinking buddies and not trusting someone who drinks. I’m sorry, did IQs just suddenly drop from the last episode? I had one lunch in three months with Brandi…yes…you read that correctly—one lunch! We are NOT drinking buddies and have NEVER been drinking buddies.”

She also pointed out, “Meanwhile, LeeAnne is sipping a margarita at lunch with Rich as she so pointedly makes this revelation?? Now, that is the pot calling the kettle black if I have ever seen it!”

D’Andra claimed, “I still care what happens with LeeAnne and, of course, I wanted to be a part of her special day. So, I decided to lay off caring too much and just be there for her when she is ready to talk.” How does asking someone if her man is cheating on her while filming a popular reality TV show constitute “caring too much”? D’Andra concluded, “But I am learning that sometimes you just have to be done with people. Not mad or upset…just done!”

D’Andra discussed the tiff with LeeAnne at Cary Deuber’s event: “Alas, we, of course, had to have sidebar drama instead of just letting Cary enjoy her moment. I know I contributed to that, so I’m sorry Cary! When LeeAnne pulled me aside, I was honestly glad. I wanted to jump in and apologize for what happened between us the week before and let her know that I would stop digging and just let her come to me when she needed me. I thought that’s where we were ending the conversation, but LeeAnne never fails to surprise me with the one-up game!”

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Then she discussed the major plot point in the episode, the insinuation that she might be an alcoholic. This accusation is a tried and true storyline in every Real Housewives show at some point. D’Andra wrote, “LeeAnne’s claims that I am an alcoholic are totally unprecedented. I have had my own issues in the past, but alcohol wasn’t one of them. Her below-the-belt comment was completely unwarranted and unnecessary except for one reason: DEFLECTION with the purpose to hurt me.”

D’Andra declared, “She is nasty and premeditated, and this was done for no other reason than to try to destroy me. It’s good for me to have people in my life watching out for me, but I found LeeAnne’s timing to be rather strange and obviously planned.”

She continued, “We were talking about OUR problems, not just mine. I heard LeeAnne when she asked me not to talk about her relationship with Rich or their impending wedding with Brandi. I didn’t want her discussing my finances with Cary either, but she already did that before I could tell her not to. I didn’t know I needed to give her a primer for our relationship!”

D’Andra concluded, “Tune in next week for a DOG’S RIP of a good time with Mama Dee and me in the kitchen! Oh, and to see her and LeeAnne RIP into me!”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]