Cynthia Bailey Discusses Her Relationship With Mike Hill

A new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta just started. That means we get to “meet” a new Cynthia Bailey boyfriend. This time she’s dating sportscaster Mike Hill. Thankfully there are no glaring red flags with this guy. Then again, we only got through episode one of the season.

Cynthia opened up about her new relationship. Of course this means she has a new hashtag. Long gone is #50Cynt. Now we have #CHill, which is admittedly clever.

Cynthia discussed the RHOA Season 11 premiere in a Bravo blog post. She explained why Mike is such a good fit for her. It seems like things progressed really quickly for them. This is a stark contrast to her “relationship” with Will Jones. They were “together,” but “not together” all last season. It was so vague and confusing.

Conversely, Cynthia seems to be all in with Mike. Cynthia shared, “Mike and I were dating other people when we first met through my friend, Steve Harvey.” Casual name drop there.

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The Atlanta Housewife revealed, “We took our time getting to know each other as friends first. At that time, neither one of us were ready to commit to a serious exclusive relationship, and we weren’t in a rush. We have both been divorced and wanted to take our time.”

She shared, “After about four months of dating each other, we decided to date exclusively. Once Mike and I were only focused on each other, things started to move a lot faster. We literally went from chilling to #CHill!” The new hashtag of the season, everyone!

Things may be all good for Cynthia these days, but her girl NeNe Leakes has a lot to deal with. Cynthia remarked, “NeNe has been a trooper. She is doing her best to make sure that Gregg [Leakes] is getting the best care available.”

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She concluded, “We talk every day, and of course, some days are better than others. She is very strong but still needs support. I am here for them both.” As are the viewers. Everyone loves Gregg. He is one of the few universally loved people in the franchise and he has lots of support, even from people he has never met.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]