Sonja Morgan Says “People Project On Her A Lot” & “Revenge Is Best Served Cold”

Not everyone has what it takes to be a Real Housewife, even some of the people who get the role. There are plenty of women who just miss the mark. That has never been a problem for Sonja Morgan. She always delivers with her sense of humor, openness, and high energy.

Sonja Morgan blesses the Real Housewives of New York fandom with iconic one-liners when she’s not even trying. You never see her raising her voice and cursing out her costars. Even so, she still manages to hold her own and entertain us all during an onscreen confrontation. Staying calm during drama is no small feat, especially in the Real Housewives franchise, but Sonja is truly one of a kind. She may not be loud, but she is still the straw that stirs the drink.

Sonja sat down with Sameera Shah for her video podcast Sip With Sam. The New York Housewife discussed her move from the townhouse, performing in Luann de Lesseps’ cabaret show, her relationships with her costars, drinking while filming, and many other topics.

One particularly interesting subject from their conversation is Sonja’s continually calm demeanor. Even though she is often surrounded by drama, Sonja always manages to remain positive, in a genuine, non-annoying way. She usually handles conflict with humor and provides the viewers (and her costars) with some much-needed comic relief.

Nevertheless, Sonja did point out, “People do project on me a lot, don’t they?” Yes they do. Whether it’s about a crest on a shoe, or a “cheater brand,” the projection does happen and Sonja always handles it in stride.

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Sonja gets screamed at pretty much every season, but she never shouts back. During the podcast, Sam pointed out that Sonja”just sits there and takes it with a smile.” And why not? The strategy has worked for her so far. She manages to get her point across with some subtle shade or a hilarious joke and that’s why the fans love her. She doesn’t have to yell, yet she’s endeared herself to us all with plenty of meme-worthy content.

Even so, Sonja counters, “Well, I can cut a bitch. I have my ways. I think that revenge is best served cold, and I don’t really spend a lot of time agitating myself, because I wouldn’t maintain my happy lifestyle and sleep well at night.”

Sonja insisted, “I sleep very well at night, and I have a clear conscious, because I’m not laying out to get anyone.” Fair enough, Sonja.

Even Sonja at her most zen has her limits. She explained, “If somebody is going to hurt my family or my livelihood, I do really believe revenge is best served cold.” Ice cold.

Check out the embedded video below to see the rest of Sonja and Sam’s conversation about her personal life and Real Housewives of New York.


[Photo Credit: YouTube]