Brandi Redmond Cheerleader

Brandi Redmond doesn’t seem to want to take the high road in her feud with LeeAnne Locken. The dueling divas from Real Housewives of Dallas took center stage at Cary Dueber’s Copenhagen caravan as well as Stephanie Hollman’s college mixer.

With D’Andra Simmons as her new ride or die, Brandi takes great offense to Kameron Westcott’s blind loyalty to LeeAnne. RHOD is one of my favorite Housewives franchises (don’t judge me!), but I prefer Brandi and Stephanie’s fun antics and disregard for Dallas society’s rules. This beef with LeeAnne isn’t a good look on Brandi. She’s doing a good job of making her nemesis look far less crazed than seasons past!

Addressing the fans in her Bravo blog, Brandi begins, “Wow, what a wild ride this season has been! I want to start out by saying a huge thank you. Thank you to everyone that has shown us so much love and support on social media. Thank you to all of those that put their kids to bed early every week to tune in with us.”

Enough with the niceties. Brandi moves on to her favorite subject: LeeAnne. She writes, “[W]e shared what should have been a fun time for us all: Travis [Hollman]’s frat party!”

Of course, Brandi threw in, “I was excited to throw on my cheer uniform (yes, it still fit).” Yes, we all know that you were a cheerleader. In case we forgot, Brandi reminds us of this every. single. episode.

Brandi wrote, “I was annoyed that this whole cloning my phone thing turned from a threat to a lie, and now to a joke? Are you kidding me? To quote the wicked bitch of the south herself, ‘own your sh–, bitch.’ You flat out lied! Own it! Isn’t that your thing, ‘owning it’?”

She continues, “I expect this kind of BS from LeeAnne but what really surprises me is how Kameron can stand behind this behavior. Last time I checked, chasing someone around a beach with a dildo or sticking a K-cup up your a– wasn’t illegal but cloning someone’s phone sure is! She is going to rain hell on us for innocent fun but defend LeeAnne’s threats and lies? I get that you’re dressed up as a character from Clueless, but you surely have a little more sense than that.”

Brandi added, “I would love to hear the rationalization behind the idea that D’Andra and I have gotten away with more than LeeAnne has.”

She pointed out some LeeAnne’s questionable moves. “Are we forgetting that she’s threatened to kill people? Destroy marriages? Shown up to a party in a costume mocking the host? I’m really glad that you wore the same outfits to the party, because you two basically are the same person at this point!”

Brandi explained, “When Stephanie wasn’t buying it and called her out on her bullsh–, LeeAnne’s tone changed almost to where she was trying to prompt Stephanie to go along with calling it a joke. I think Stephanie’s face said it all—the bitch is crazy! The only issue is I’m crazy too, so bring it on!”

Because we can’t just let phone-clone-gate die, Brandi reminds us once again that she’s no cellphone thief. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she is, but sheesh! She asserts, “I am so passionate about this phone situation because it literally makes zero sense as to how or why I would steal LeeAnne’s phone.”

Brandi explained, “in my opinion, this is just another attack on my character. We weren’t sitting next to each other at the bar or braiding each other’s hair to where I could just stick my hand in her purse and steal it—we can barely stand each other.”

Brandi declared, “The situation is so ridiculous, but to go as far as saying that you’re going to hurt my family over something like this is on another level.”

She joked, “Trust and believe that if I knew that returning her phone was going to cause this much of an issue, I would have just thrown it away.” That would have added another fun-filled layer to this mess, wouldn’t it?

Recalling their showdown, Brandi reveals, “I came to my breaking point when LeeAnne tried to say that she didn’t call D’Andra and me alcoholics.”

Anyone would get to a breaking point in that circumstance. Brandi explained, “Justifying it as she just told people that she thinks we have drinking problems as if that is any better.”

The Dallas Housewife declared, “She really feels like she can go around and spread whatever gossip she wants.”

Brandi wrote, “when she is backed in a corner with no way to defend her actions, she resorts to threats and physical violence.”

She declared, “You can growl at me all you want honey, I am not scared of you.”

Brandi theorized, “Come to think of it, maybe that’s what bothers her the most—I’m not scared of her.”

Brandi concludes, counting her blessings. She shares, “There have been so many great things that have come out of this season.”

Of course, Brandi said her “precious new baby boy Bruin” was the best part of the season.

She proclaimed, “I really am not worried about what one person thinks of me. Tune in for part one of our very…loud reunion!”

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My popcorn is ready with extra butter. Bring on the RHOD reunion!


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