Married at First Sight- Happily Ever After Recap: Couples Reunited

On this week’s episode of Married at First Sight- Happily Ever After, the couples meet with the experts in Boston for a marriage retreat. I’m sure everyone is just dying to reveal all of their marriage issues in a group setting and rehash old wounds… NOT. They will also get the chance to meet Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre’s new baby, Laura. They are the center of attention because the other two couples have a lot of questions about labor and adjusting to life with a newborn. After last week’s episode where Shawniece flipped out Jephte for not helping with household duties, I am sure they have plenty of advice for the group.

Before the Married at First Sight couples meet with the experts, they get lunch to check in with one another. The last time they met, all of the wives were pregnant. This is everyone’s first time meeting one of the new babies. Danielle Bergman is surprised that Shawniece is so brave to bring her baby out so early.  She already made it clear she isn’t bringing her baby out until a few months after birth. Nonetheless, everyone fawns over baby Laura and enjoys the quiet before the storm with the experts.

The women and the men meet separately later that evening for dinner to talk. Jephte is on daughter duty while hanging out with the guys. Bobby Dodd is worried about finances once the baby comes. Danielle is pushing for them to move into a new house before the baby, but that may not be ideal in his eyes.  Jephte shares the issues that he and Shawniece have juggling everything in conjunction with being new parents. Meanwhile, the ladies get some insight from Shawniece on what it’s like to be a new mother and her delivery experience. Danielle jokes she asked the doctor if there is a way she could just be put to sleep and wake up once the baby was born.


There is only one week left in the experiment. The experts want to give the couples the opportunity to hash out any issues before it ends. They want everyone to speak freely, so the ladies and men meet separately in groups. Dr. Jessica Griffin speaks with the ladies to get an update on how they are doing in their marriages. Ashley Petta discusses her and Anthony D’Amico’s communication issues. She has learned the difference between assuming Anthony does not care and him actually just taking time to cool off.

When Dr. Jessica asks who Danielle is good at expressing her love to, she giddily says her dog, Henry. Is it just me, but does it seem like Danielle could only have a normal relationship if she married her dog? Shawniece reveals how it makes her feel when Jephte showers their dog and baby with love and attention and she doesn’t receive that. This is eye-opening for Danielle because it gives her a chance to finally see how her husband may feel.

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Married at First Sight- Happily Ever After Recap: Couples Reunited

The guys meet with Pastor Calvin Roberson and discuss how they are feeling in their marriages. Jephte feels like he has never loved anyone the way he loves his daughter. He also lets the men know how much help their wives will need when the baby comes.

The issue of sex comes up. Bobby finally reveals that everything isn’t PERFECT. Their sex life has drastically changed since Danielle has been pregnant. He realizes after talking to the other guys, their dynamic may not be completely normal. Personally, I think Danielle wanted the marriage, the baby and Henry. Bobby is just a bonus to clean up after her.

When Danielle arrives home, she and Bobby shares how he feels about the changes since she has been pregnant. It’s clear that they don’t have the same level of intimacy. Before they were pregnant, they would talk before bed, now she is on her phone and goes to sleep. He questions whether Danielle just feels sick when she is around him. Although Danielle still reacts like a robot, she seems to understand his frustration and want to do something to correct the issue.

Bobby and Danielle are challenged by Dr. Jessica to pay each other compliments. It was a rough start for Danielle with her first compliment being “you are a great dog dad”. But she seems to get into the swing of things as they progress because shockingly the compliments actually start to be just about Bobby as a person.

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It’s evident that seeing Shawniece’s sadness about Jephte’s lack of emotion, has given her some things to think about in relation to her own marriage. She lets him know she will work on complimenting him more and sharing her feelings for him. Thank goodness, you finally realize marriage may actually be a two-way street, Danielle!


Pastor Calvin meets with Jephte to try to give him some additional guidance in his marriage. Jephte feels like he loves Shawniece, but is not in love with her. In his eyes, his relationship is more of a commitment, rather than something he wants to do. He worries he may be stuck in a marriage waiting on his feelings to change. Pastor Calvin thinks his negative attitude is what is impeding him growing in his marriage. I think it’s not his attitude, its Jephte! How many times is he going to get on camera and say that he doesn’t love Shawniece and that they are strangers? I feel like if the experts weren’t pushing them to stay together, they would be divorced by now.

The whole group meets with all of the experts and talk about their successes and what they need to work on moving forward. Ashley and Anthony are just happy to be moving before the baby comes. They started looking almost a month ago and are now about to close on a house. This brings the attention to Bobby and Danielle and whether they will possibly move. Danielle looks ecstatic to see evidence that it’s possible to move in a short time. Bobby looks like he wants to disappear at the mere mention of the topic.

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Bobby and Danielle are asked about their exercise where they had to complement each other. Danielle states that she recognizes that she needs to do that more to make her husband happy. Bobby jumps to his wife’s defense and tries to convince the group that she does compliment and tell him nice things. I mean seriously… does Danielle make Bobby sleep in Henry’s bed at night?  Why is he so scared to say anything negative about her or their marriage? Pastor Calvin tells him that he is counteracting improving issues when he contradicts something she finally acknowledges needs to change. Amen! I think in another year, Bobby is going to bust out of his clothes and morph into the Hulk from all of his pent-up frustration.

Jephte is asked his opinion and of course, he has to restate for the millionth time his feelings aren’t totally there for Shawniece.  Sigh…Would these two just get divorced already!  If I am sick of hearing Jephte say he doesn’t love Shawniece, I know she has to be sick of it!  I’m ready to pack his bag and kick him out and I don’t even live there.  I have never seen such a selfish and unaware person on Married at First Sight. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of train wrecks. But he acts like he can’t go a day without letting her know exactly what negative thoughts he is thinking. It’s ridiculous.



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