Pandora Vanderpump Shuts Down Criticism From Tom Sandoval

During the Vanderpump Rules Season 7 premiere, Lisa Vanderpump chastized Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz for slacking on the Tom Tom cocktail menu. Ultimately, she decided to rely on her daughter Pandora Vanderpump to finish the task.

Sandoval lamented, “I didn’t realize Pandora is a mixologist now.” Did he just forget that the cameras were rolling? Obviously, that remark was going to make it into an episode. She is the boss’s daughter and her partner in several business ventures. That really wasn’t a smart comment to make. On the bright side, it doesn’t seem like Pandora caught wind of it until several months later. However, that did not stop her from clapping back.

Let’s jump back to in time to a few tweets ago. One fan tweeted, “JEZUZ. WHY did you wait so long to give her the cocktail list? You’re such lazy losers.”

Sandoval retorted, “We def did not, mind u this is still 2 months away from the opening & if u saw my IG stories u would see us working w/thousands of $$ of product spices juices liqueurs from all over the world months leading up to this also we 100% sent Pandora numerous recipes, Lisa didn’t get em.”

Ummmm, did Sandoval shade Pandora again? It sure seems like it. So much for learning a lesson…

A fan responded, “Tom, it was worth the wait. I had a drink at Tom Tom and the glass was coated in coconut flakes. Forget the name, but it was fabulous.”

Pandora interjected with “That would be my creation, the Nutcase! One of my favorites.”

A few days later, Pandora tweeted, “Oh I haven’t bartended? That’s news to me. I’m also a Certified Specialist of Wine, & spirits own a liquor company, and have created cocktails for over 15 magazines. Also, I worked alongside one of the best mixologists in the US. But keep making excuses!” Pandora. Had. Time. I’m so here for it.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of crickets chirping. Sandoval did not acknowledge Pandora’s tweet, who could blame him? Unless he just swallowed his pride and tweeted an apology, there was no other appropriate response.

We need to see more of her on Vanderpump Rules, although Sandoval might disagree.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]