Floribama Shore Episode Recap: Let’s taco ’bout it

This week on Floribama Shore, the gang hits the streets of Cabo, Mexico! With the combination of drama from Gus Smyrnios and Nilsa Prowant’s short lived affair, and Jeremiah Buoni shading Kortni Gilson after she professed her love for him.  This is sure to be interesting! Will Nilsa get her groove back in Cabo, or will she revert back to her stalking ways?

Its 3am and the gang is up and ready for their trip to Cabo. Everyone is excited except Krazi Kortni, who is in a bad mood. She claims she isn’t excited because Mexico is dangerous. I don’t think it’s anymore dangerous than her ex, Logan who stalked her and her family. Despite all of that, she didn’t seem that afraid of him. On the ride to the airport, she informs the girls, she hopes she isn’t sitting next to Jeremiah. Lately, he has been acting differently towards her and even called her a b**ch. The only two people who seem not to have any real drama in the house are Kirk Medas and Candace Rice.


Kortni continues to be in a funk.  While the others admire the sights, she says it reminds her of a war zone. Smh… Oh Kortni, I guess you can take the girl out of the trailer park Floribama Shore, but you can’t take it out of her. It’s clear she really is upset about the distance between her and Jeremiah, but is projecting it on to the trip. She warns the girls that if he snaps at her, she will lay him out. Gus decides to approach her to see why she is feeling down. He claims he hasn’t seen Jeremiah be rude to her. But he wants her to have fun and not isolate herself, regardless of the issue. Everyone tries to talk some sense into her, but she is not trying to hear anything they have to say.


Jeremiah approaches Nilsa to see if Kortni has talked to her about what has been going on between them. He claims that he didn’t call her a b**ch, the way she interpreted it. Ummm….I don’t know many ways to interpret a man calling a woman that word, especially when you are supposed to be good friends. Despite his flimsy explanation, he wasn’t talking to Kortni that way before she confessed her feelings. Jeremiah decides to pull her aside to talk. He wants her to get whatever she has off her chest, so they can get past their awkwardness. She feels like things got weird since she told him her feelings on the beach. They both apologize and clear the air. Thank goodness, we can’t have the craziest person on the show not participating in the debauchery.


Drunkni Kortni is back and she is having a good time taking shots hung upside down at the bar. She even enters into a beer chugging competition and dances on the bar. What a difference an apology and a hug makes. Gus checks in with Nilsa about her being standoffish lately. This is what I mean by mixed signals. You have been begging for her to go away, and now that she isn’t bothering you, you wonder why? Get over yourself Gus! Nilsa doesn’t seem to have a care in the world right now. Once back at the hotel, Nilsa is minding her business and Gus comes over and tries to be flirty. Once again Gus goes into victim mode and talks about how he shuts himself off and that is why he can’t be with anyone right now. When Nilsa doesn’t fall for the bait and lets him know she is okay with just being friends. He is retires to his room.


The group goes to a beach party and Gus is super thirsty as usual to find attention from a woman. Aimee Hall, Nilsa and Kortni participate in a twerking contest. It really is a lap dance contest; since there is a seated guy, they each have to dance on. Nilsa shows up and shows out, because she did not come to lose! She wins the twerk contest, the girl has some moves. She even kisses the judge who crowned her the winner. Something must be in the water; because everyone is either is kissing someone or is tipsy. Codi Butts is completely drunk and has to be escorted home by Kortni. It’s like the battle of the one night stands. Gus and Nilsa both are all over random people they found at the party.


Codi is drunk at the hotel with only Kortni to take care of him. Surprisingly, she isn’t the one being taken care of this time. She notices he is sunburned and rubs lotion on him while he is sleeping. If that isn’t creepy enough, Gus and Nilsa are back to being in each other’s faces. He even slaps her on her on her behind.  Nilsa proposes they just cuddle up to one another the rest of the trip, and he agrees that sounds like a good time. Insert eye roll here. Sigh! You both were both just making out with other people and seemed to be moving on from this unhealthy situation. For anyone who believes Gus has been completely clear he doesn’t want anything more with Nilsa, please refer to exhibit A-Z of him sending mixed signals. The whole group is confused and knows this is only a recipe for disaster. I guess we will have to wait until the next episode to see just how badly this ends.





[Photo Credit: MTV]