Floribama Shore Episode Recap: Too Late For Apologies

This week on Floribama Shore, the group is still in Cabo, Mexico and Gus Smynios and Nilsa Prowant are still entertaining the one night stand from hell. Honestly, I have never seen such an apparent bad decision, last for so long. Plot twist… Instead of a lover’s quarrel, there may be a love triangle brewing with roommate Kortni Gilson. Is there no one else in Floribama Shore to cuddle with besides Gus?

The Floribama Shore cast heads out to a club for the night. Kortni meets a new victim guy to dance and have fun with. Gus sees a girl he saw earlier in the trip and proceeds to flirt with her. Of course, he makes Nilsa jealous all at the same time. Nilsa sees her stand in prop the guy from the twerk competition and tries to flirt with him as a distraction. Ughhh…. Can we just stop with this never ending story?  She would you stop chasing Sonic the Hedgehog Gus? He isn’t worth your pretty or your time. After he slept with that random (in grey sweat pants) a day after you, I wouldn’t have given him a second glance, let alone the satisfaction of believing he could to continue to play me.

Drunkni is raging mad when she asks the guy at the club to come back to the house and is rejected. Maybe he got a whiff of her preferred perfume of urine and body odor and sobered up quick enough to dodge that bullet. Upon returning to the hotel, Drunkni proceeds to take her frustrations out on everyone else. She even threatens to jump off of the balcony. Kirk Medas, frustrated with her tantrum, goads her and tells her to just do it. He is tired of her always acting like a child every time she doesn’t get her way.

She then has a complete meltdown in the bathroom because she feels like Kirk was making fun of her wanting to kill herself. Candace Rice tells Kirk that he is wrong for telling her to jump off of the ledge. I understand he thought he was giving her tough love, but suicide is a serious topic and I don’t think anyone should joke about it.


Kirk decides to talk with Kortni to try and calm her down. Kirk decides to take a different approach and show his softer side. Gus inserts himself into the conversation and tries to cheer Kortni up as well. He decides that Kortni should not sleep alone and cuddles up in the bed with her.  Cue Nilsa staring from the doorway and going crazy in 5…4…3…2…1.

The guys decide to go to the pool and have breakfast. For some reason, Kirk thinks the girl Gus met at the bar is “wifey” material. WTH… how you determine that from just seeing her twice in a club??? They discuss how Nilsa was jealous of him interacting with her, but Gus doesn’t care. Back at the hotel,  Aimee Hall is in heat like a dog. She literally humps on everyone as they are laying down. We also discover that Gus, doesn’t know who Nelson Mandela is and thinks he may be a rapper. Okay kids, reading is fundamental! This spurs Candace to give him an impromptu history lesson.


For dinner, everyone goes to a barbecue restaurant. Jeremiah Buoni decides to enter a rib eating contest. He has to eat four racks of ribs, in order to win $200 and a t-shirt. I think he is at the point of either throwing up or cardiac arrest because he is moaning and stretching throughout the challenge. He actually succeeds at the challenge, but there is a catch. The $200 he is promised is actually pesos, which only amounts to maybe $10 in US currency.

Personally, I would have challenged that. The waiter told him dollars; he should have said pesos, if that was the case. I doubt he would have taken the challenge if he knew it was such a low amount. But nonetheless, he is proud he defeated the ribs.  Immediately after, Jeremiah goes to the bathroom to make himself throw up, as Codi Butts (the throw up king) watches.


The gang arrives at a club for the night. Of course, Gus looks for the Cabo Barbie he has been flirting with every night. When he doesn’t see her, he decides that Nilsa will do. Can I just say, I am absolutely sick of Gus and his need for constant attention? I am also sick of Nilsa for falling for it, each and EVERY TIME. She asks if she should just leave him alone. He says he doesn’t want her to leave him alone. So anyone who keeps saying he has been straight forward from the beginning, please stop.

Just as Gus seems to be rethinking his stance on Nilsa and them having something more, Cabo Barbie shows up and ruins the lovefest. It’s as if, Nilsa never existed as he proceeds to flirt with everything in a skirt. Cabo Barbie and Nilsa both witness his game (or lack thereof) and are NOT happy.  Gus is left to his own devices and has to go home alone (poor him…NOT).


Nilsa is excited that Gus didn’t come home with Cabo Barbie. She wants to see if they can finish their conversation. Gus is outside talking to Kortni when Nilsa tries to get him to cuddle with her.  Gus tells her, he will be right there. Kortni tells him not to go and that he should come to her bed. Instead of Nilsa, Gus ends up cuddled up to Kortni all night. I understand not wanting them to make a mistake, but that was kind of a hater move, Kortni.  That morning, Nilsa is surprised to see them both cuddling in bed.

Kortni doesn’t care that she is mad and feels like it’s no big deal. I would agree, but Nilsa did tell her as a friend it really bothered her multiple times. I honestly think all three of these people need constant attention and validation. Nilsa claims she is done with Gus after they both disrespected her the night before. Sure, you are. SMH… I guess this is what you get when you put several thirsty people in one house.


The group decides to go to Wild Canyon for some outdoor activities. On the way there, Nilsa becomes car sick. Candace is deathly afraid of heights and is hyperventilating. For some reason, Candace and Aimee, the two most scared people are getting on the ride together. As they are dangling in the sky, they both are moaning, crying and shaking. I’m sorry, but this was so funny to me. I wouldn’t get on that ride if you paid me. I would have just pretended to take care of Nilsa to avoid going on that ride.


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